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  1. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Apples best yet phone but still not perfection. ____T-Mobile unlocked iPhones:This is how it was explained to me. If you purchase your iPhone directly from T-Mobile contract free it will be locked and bound for the first 45 days of service then you have to call T-Mobile to get them to unlock it. This part I know to be true because this is how I purchased mine. However if you buy your T-Mobile iPhone contract free directly from Apple store, either online or retail store, the phone will be unlocked at purchase with no ties to T-Mobile service. Also you can use T-Mobile locked phones with any MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), such as StraighTalk, Net10, Tracfone or any one that uses T-Mobile towers. You can also get the iPhone factory IMIE unlocked thru an independent service for a large fee, ($100 to $150).____I live in a mixed household of Android powered devices and iOS/OS X. I use a Macbook Air, while my wife uses an iPad 4 and Macbook Air. My daughter has the iPhone 5S. I pre-ordered 2 iPhone 6 phones directly from T-Mobile and received them on launch day (Sept 19th 2014). With the larger screens and iOS 8 I wanted to give the phones another chance. I defected from the 5S for several reasons one of which was such a small screen.____Pros:____Bigger screen is of course very sweet. Still superior to anything else out there short of OLEDS. Great viewing angles, incredibly accurate colors, and very good visibility in direct sun.Super thin. The phone feels great in the hand thanks in part to the rounded edges. Weight is not too light and not too heavy and evenly balanced so that you can hold the phone from the top or bottom without losing control.Fast. You never get slowed down. I don’t know how Apple manages to run everything so smoothly with half the power and ram of other devices but it just glides like silk and never hiccups ever.Camera. Again Apple is able to take superior photos without going to extreme mega pixels. The photos on the iPhone 6 are as good if not better than the 16MP camera on my wife’s Galaxy S5, (as long as you aren’t zooming into individual pores on someones face – lol).Video. The 240 frames per second video recording is a riot and loads of fun to play with. I did a video of my friend’s golf swing and it was incredible to see his full motion slowed way down.Battery life. Is vastly improved. I work 12 hour shifts in which my cell phone is my workhorse. With heavy use by the end of my shift I am still left with about 12% to 20% battery. This is exceptional considering with my old iPhone 5S I didn’t even make it half way thru the day.____Cons:____Still no multitasking. For power users like myself its still going to be one thing at a time with the new iOS 8.Size: yes bigger is better but for other devices on the market with the same size screen, the new iPhone is much larger. For its 4.7 inch screen this is a big phone, much bigger than other 4.7 inch phones out there. Apples thing is to always make it easy and probably why they took so long to bring this to market, but they could have made the overall dimensions much smaller and still gave us the 4.7 inch screen. Not sure why Apple did this but my guess would be to increase screen size without increase to physical size for next years version. My wife’s Galaxy S5 with its 5.1 inch screen is nearly the same size.Google Apps. This might not be a Con for those that don’t use Google, but for me I am heavily immersed in Google from Gmail to Chrome, to Drive to Hangouts. Not really any fault of Apple or iOS 8 but Google Apps crash or otherwise don’t work as well. For example you cannot upload any photos or videos from the iPhone to Google Drive. This is a major problem for me as that is my main source of information and back up.Home screen rotation. Apple strutted the ability to use the home screen in landscape but it’s only a feature for the iPhone 6 Plus. This is a big disappointment as I use it regularly on my other devices.Limited content. The 6 Plus has more features and content with iOS 8 due to its larger screen. As an iPhone 6 owner i feel cheated that i don’t have these extra features. some things like home screen rotation and better more feature rich keyboards. That is like making iPad Mini owners suffer over iPad Air owners because they bought the smaller screen. I am sure Apple has their reasons for it but i still can’t help but feel envious of 6 Plus owners even though i didn’t want that bigger screen size.No Sapphire Crystal face. I was really hoping Apple would use the indestructible Sapphire crystal for the face of the phone as the rumors listed. This would have made the phone practically scratch proof. But nope, instead we have to settle for Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which on my other phones that…

  2. Jaewoo Kim "OB-Wan"
    Jaewoo Kim "OB-Wan" says:

    Compared to Galaxy S5. I have owned the original iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Nexus 5, and Galaxy S5.This is the best phone I have ever owned. The next best would be the Samsung Galaxy S5.Which iPhone 6 should you buy? That depends on your needs. The iPhone 6+ has bigger screen, better battery life, and better camera (optical image stabilization). But it also comes in a bigger form factor which might be too large for many. It is worth noting that iPhone 6+ is bigger than the LG G3 (iPhone 6+ is thinner), which has the same screen size (5.5 inches) and I think LG G3 is just about the biggest phone that will fit into my pocket. To me, the iPhone 6+ is too big.The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen which is very functionally useful. I think it could be tad bigger (about 4.8 to 5 inches). In my opinion, the 4.7 inch screen size should be satisfactory to most, especially those who are used to the 4 inch screen size of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. I am used to using Galaxy S5 (5.1 inches) and I don’t find the 4.7 inch screen to be too small.So what makes the iPhone 6 so special? It’s the form factor (thin and light), the awesome camera, and the touch id (fingerprint sensor).First and foremost, this is a beautiful phone to see and hold. I thought iPhone 5 was beautiful, but the iPhone 6 definitely is better looking! Everyone who has seen my phone in the last 3 days wanted to buy one. The Galaxy S5 is also a thin and beautiful phone. But it is also plastic and has an ugly protruding camera in the back that makes it look like a huge wart. I didn’t think I would mind it at first, but the ugliness of the huge square protruding camera really bothered me, especially because, in my view, the S5 camera picture quality was average at best.Second, the camera on the iPhone 6 is just awesome, especially compared to the Galaxy S5. I thought the Galaxy S5 would take better pictures because it is 13 megapixels. Wrong. I have had more blurry pictures with the Galaxy S5 in 4 months than I had with my iPhone 5 in 20 months. Plus, the Galaxy S5 pictures came out very grainy. They looked like they were taken with a smartphone camera. Whereas the pictures taken by the iPhone 6 looked like pictures from a dedicated digital camera. I was especially impressed with its low-light photography and surprisingly powerful flash. Even when taking pictures in low-light, the iPhone 6 camera takes wonderful pictures.Third, the Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) feature is a huge plus for me. I was initially worried that it may take too long to process my fingerprints. Wrong. It takes less than a second to identify my fingerprints. It beats punching my secret code on the screen hands down.The Samsung Galaxy S5, however, still trumps the iPhone 6 in certain areas.The first and foremost is the battery life. Although the iPhone 6 (about 24 hours with normal usage for me) lasts about 20% longer than my iPhone 5, it still can’t hold a candle to my Galaxy S5 which can last over 36 hours. If a long battery life is your main need, then I would either get the S5 or get the iPhone 6 with a protective battery case.Second, the Galaxy S5 still has the superior screen. It is not only significantly bigger (5.1 inches), but it is also a full HD (1080p) screen compared to the 720p screen of the iPhone 6. Four months ago, independent tests showed that the Galaxy S5 had the best screen on a smartphone, and I believe it. Seeing them side-by-side, I have to say that I prefer the screen on the Galaxy S5 over the iPhone 6.Lastly, I think the Android platform is well on its way of trouncing Apple in both the number and the variety of apps. Android simply has stronger marketshare and Android programming skills are more widely available. This is especially true if you don’t use English as your primary language. If you are looking for apps in Chinese or Spanish, for example, you are more likely to find them in Android than in the iPhone.Pros:1)Beautiful form factor. Thin and light. Even the ever-slightly protruding camera looks beautiful2)Awesome camera that takes superior pictures over Android phones such as the Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5. I was especially impressed with the low-light photography.3)Touch ID (fingerprint sensor). It is fast and easy. It makes securing your iPhone 6 very breezy and convenient. I will never use the punching passcodes again.4)Seamless integration of hardware and software that is hard to beat.5)Compatible with most car audio systems. Most Android and Windows phones are not compatible (meaning you can’t play music via the USB) with car audio systems. Your Android device can, however, still play music via blutooth if your car audio system supports it. But the music quality is often sub-par.6)Internal storage is much faster than the Micro-SD cards. All iPhone storage are internal, which makes…

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