Nokia Lumia 2520 4G LTE Tablet, Black 10.1-Inch 32GB (AT&T)

Nokia Lumia 2520 4G LTE Tablet, Black 10.1-Inch 32GB (AT&T)

Get a 10.1-inch Full HD display with enhanced screen readability, 4G LTE connectivity, super-fast charging, and a 6.7 MP camera with ZEISS optics. This beautiful tablet also comes with built-in Microsoft Office 2013 RT, which includes Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, letting you boost your productivity wherever you choose to work from.

Product Features

  • Display: 10.1-inches
  • Camera: 6.7-MP
  • Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz
  • OS: Windows 8

2 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 2520 4G LTE Tablet, Black 10.1-Inch 32GB (AT&T)

  1. ATL_Tech_Guy

    Best of the lightweight, thin tablets. This is the best of the lightweight, thin Windows 8 tablets with 4G anywhere access. At 1.2 pounds, it’s much thinner and lighter than the Microsoft Surface.Update Mar 8: Installed the new Windows 8.1.1 RT update, and so far loving the changes. Reading mode in IE 11 (better formatted web pages with easy to read fonts); bing search is built in now, integrates with multiple apps, works well, gives pleasing/stylized results (press search, type in song name, press play); new Microsoft apps like health and fitness, etc.. I’ll post a full review later on.Update Feb 6: I’m just now realizing how much value is here, with the keyboard case you get the full tablet experience, desktop experience, laptop experience, and ultrabook experience.Update Feb 13: Nokia’s power keyboard is now available to buy (see review further below), if you want the desktop/ultrabook experience.Update Feb 21: New Wi-Fi drivers have resolved the standby connectivity bug, so now the software is working perfectly.As typical with Nokia, the build quality is amazing. It feels more like a smartphone than portable laptop, and the optional Keyboard Case just adds to the appeal.To do all that, Nokia ditched the kickstand and full sized USB ports. But it’s so light and easy to prop up with your leg while sitting down, you won’t care. The keyboard case lets you prop this up correctly as well.I agree with Nokia that 4G anywhere connectivity is the way to go. This should work with AT&T, T-Mobile, and possibly some low cost providers (if they can give you a tablet sim).Being Windows RT, the battery life is just that much better and the optional keyboard gives you 18 hours of use with 1 week of standby. The high output charger recharges the tablet quickly. Windows 8 is just soooo much better on a tablet than a laptop, it’s so easy to use the on-screen keyboard and Internet Explorer is a breeze to use. Split screen works great, with a video on one side and Internet Explorer on the other side. Using this in Portrait mode (sideways) to read an e-book is allot easier that other tablets, but I still prefer to lean it against something. The quad core processor is super fast, runs cool, boots very fast, and 99% of websites load with no lag. Wi-Fi works great, and I did note some very old Wi-Fi routers would loose connection on standby.. which required flipping the tablet’s Wi-Fi off & on on.The speakers actually face you directly, so audio is crystal clear unlike other tablets with the speakers on the bottom. The included headphone jack works great. The screen is ultra bright with great color & video, although I did buy the anti-glare film which makes a huge difference in screen quality.Comes with front and rear cameras, and Nokia’s emphasis on high quality cameras still shows on the tablet.I only want to install apps, so I’m not concerned about running legacy Windows programs on Windows RT. 64GB is enough storage space for apps, pics, and voids, and a 2nd 64/128GB card can be added. I set the camera to 720p, as 1080p recording would use allot of space. This does come with Office 2013 which just adds to the value, and gives you productivity options. This can be used as a portable laptop, with the included HDMI video and USB ports for mice and keyboards (or use Bluetooth).Even more value, the included Nokia apps let you download vids and video edit right on the tablet. The included NFC chip lets you “tap and upload” pics & vids right from your phone. Nokia also includes their high quality mapping apps, which is SOOO much easier to use on a tablet than google maps.Apps download automatically from your Windows 8 laptop if you sign in with a Microsoft email address (or any common email address registered with Microsoft).Windows RT has most of apps I use like Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, Weather, RSS/Weave, and for missing apps I just added internet shortcuts next to the apps/directly to the start screen.Update: Feb 6th:Received the Nokia power keyboard, and once again the quality is perfect. The desktop is now FULLY useable. The 2 included full size USB ports will now let you use a wireless mouse, charge a phone, and possibly run a 2nd or 3rd display. The 2nd battery also registers now in power management, so you can keep an eye on it’s consumption. The power connector is perfectly positioned to be out of the way when using the keyboard case, and charges both batteries. The whole case has a nice rubbery feel and cuts down on “slippage” seen with other tablets.The tablet easily snaps and releases from the holder, securely holds the tablet in place, and this is the easiest way to dock I’ve ever seen. The magnetic holder is much more thought out on this tablet, as it just holds the screen securely to the base. The case also securely holds the screen in…

  2. Nicholaus C Lyschik
    Nicholaus C Lyschik says:

    Competes with the iPad Mini retina no problem 0

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