Zadro Ultimate Lighted Make-up Mirror

Zadro Ultimate Lighted Make-up Mirror

New innovative mirror features two (2) 6.25 inch mirrors that are illuminated with the effects of natural sunlight–giving you the light you really need, 1x & 10x magnifications to meet all of your regular and close-up view needs, adjustable height control to a high 16 inches, 360 degree swivel design so you put the mirror at the angle that’s right for you, lifetime bulb, closes to a mere 1.5 inches–great for travel, office or home, four (4) AA batteries give you 10-hour battery life for care-free travel and LCD digital clock/alarm. Travel pouch included. Crystal White Finish.

Product Features

  • Fluorescent Lighted 1x & 10x Mirror For Home Office or Travel
  • Cool Fluorescent Lighted Optical Quality 1x and 8X Mirrors
  • LCD Clock / Alarm
  • Adjustable Height Control To A High 16
  • Folds To A Compact 1.5 Inches – Fro Easy Use When Traveling or Stowage

3 thoughts on “Zadro Ultimate Lighted Make-up Mirror

  1. Bijou

    Haven’t found any like this! 0

  2. Conspicuous Consumer
    Conspicuous Consumer says:

    Current Quality Not as Good as Older Version 0

  3. M O'Neill

    Loved it, went out, bought another, it went out too 0

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