Thumbs Up! Whistle Key Finder

Thumbs Up! Whistle Key Finder

With this elegantly designed key finder, all you need to do is whistle and your keys will flash and beep noisily until you successfully locate them. You know the drill. You’re just about to leave the house when your keys decide to go walkabout – cue a frantic five minutes of checking your pockets and rummaging down the back of the sofa, only to discover that they were on the kitchen table all along. Argh. Well, stress no more. Attach this handy little gizmo to your keys, give a whistle or two and your AWOL keys will come running like a well-trained sheep dog. Okay, not quite, but the Key Finder will beep and light-up to announce their whereabouts. And that’s not all the Whistle Key Finder is capable of. Fitted with a bright red LED at one end, it doubles up as a mini torch too – perfect if you’re trying to find your keyhole in the dark. Trust us, your paintwork will thank you for it.

Product Features

  • The Whistle Key Finder will beep and flash when you whistle
  • Bright red LED is activated by a button on the front ? hold down to activate the light, release to turn the light off
  • Elegant slim design, looks great on any key ring
  • Perfect for anyone who regularly mislays their keys
  • Powered by 1 CR2016 battery (included)

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  1. Barry Antrim "renaissance man"
    Barry Antrim "renaissance man" says:

    waste of money 0

  2. Michael Medwin "MM"
    Michael Medwin "MM" says:

    Pure junk 0

  3. Ruby Zhang

    Don’t, just don’t 0

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