Nature’s Greeting Magic Plant- “I Love You”

Nature’s Greeting Magic Plant- “I Love You”

The INCREDIBLE Bean-plant that sprouts with a message of “I Love You” engraved on it. Using new technology, this incredible gift plant will grow with amessage/picture or numbers inscribed on the growing plant- exactly like you see in the picture! It’s real plant that will sprout to reveal your message engraved on the beautiful plant’s central bean. Just add water. It’s guaranteed to grow inside or out within ten days.

Product Features

  • The most unique way to say I Love You
  • Just add water and watch your I love you message grow on the plant
  • 100% guaranteed to grow within 10 days in or out of doors
  • Surprise someone special with a PLANT that reveals a MESSAGE
  • The word “I Love You” will grow on your plant

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