HDE Programmable Scrolling Message Red LED Magnetic Name Badge

HDE Programmable Scrolling Message Red LED Magnetic Name Badge

Use this red LED scrolling name badge as the perfect accessory at tradeshows, exhibitions, conventions, and any other type of gathering. This gadget is easily programmable through 7 buttons on the back of the badge. Use its strong magnetic clip to place it where ever you want and not have to worry about it falling off.

HDE is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded products

Product Features

  • 7 x 29 Red LED scrolling dots screen display
  • Customize text with buttons on the back of the badge
  • Tell the world your name or whats on your mind
  • Battery powered
  • Package Contents: 1 x Red Scrolling LED Name Badge, 1 x CR2032 battery

2 thoughts on “HDE Programmable Scrolling Message Red LED Magnetic Name Badge

  1. P. Schmidt

    Nice little scrolling message dispplay, but lacks programming cable & software This red name badge display was purchased as part of an evaluation process I conducted to find a suitable small scrolling message display that would be used in a museum where I volunteer. I also evaluated a very similar display in a blue color sold by AllStarLED through Amazon (look for LED Name Tag / Badge – 7 Programming Keys – Various Displaying Mode – Magnetic (Blue). I mention both here since the two are related in terms of programming, so I hope you will indulge me. When I received the blue display, which comes from a California company called ActOneLED, and which does business on Amazon under the name AllStarLED, I found that it included a display that is indeed very similar but not identical to this red HDE one being reviewed here, and it also included a short USB cable, a USB adapter about the size of a large USB thumb drive, and one of those micro-CDs with the programming software and driver. This red HDE display does NOT come with cable or programming software.Now, about this red HDE display…..The battery (actually a single button cell as used on watches and such, type CR2032 lithium-ion) fits into a tiny drawer on the top of the display. The display comes with one cell installed plus a second cell in a plastic bag.My first concern was “Can this display be powered externally? I want to run it for hours!” The Amazon sales information does not say, and neither does the website of the seller, HDE in Pennsylvania. I contacted HDE customer service at the phone number listed on their website ‘shophde dot com’. Nobody there seemed to have any idea about this display; I think poorly about companies that don’t even know that they sell an item when called about it, and then when they figure that part out, seem to have no information about the product and don’t sell any accessories. Well, I did figire this out on my own, without HDE’s help, and I write more about it later in this review.This red display is about 3-1/8″ x 1-1/8″, and about 5/16″ thick. It is made from reasonably sturdy black plastic. The actual display area is about 2-1/2″ x 1/2″, so characters that are displayed are only about 1/2″ high. It has a tiny on/off slide switch on one end, along with a mysterious cable socket. On the back it has a rectangular steel strip about 1-1/4″ x 1/2″, and the display comes with a separate steel strip of the same size along with two small round neodymium magnets. The idea is that you sandwich the magnets between the two steel strips, which holds the strips tightly together, and somewhere in this sandwich you fit the cloth of your shirt, etc; so the magnetic force holds the display to the shirt. In my different application, I dispense with the separate steel strip, and just use the magnets to affix the display to a steel item near the equipment that I am using the display with.Also on the back of the display are seven tiny metal buttons, with the functions MENU, ENTER, DELETE, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. The display will run the message or messages of your choice as soon as it is powered on using the slide switch. If you want to change the programming, you need to use those seven buttons (or, hopefully, the special PC software if that can ever be identified and obtained).Pressing the MENU button opens a menu system that prompts you using text on the display itself. The display will hold up to 20 different programmed messages, which the top layer of the menu allows you to select from (they are identified using letters A through T………you cannot assign them names. Other menu layers allow determining which programmed messages will be displayed, so you can have messages that are programmed into the display’s memory but not displayed. This allows you to pre-program the display for many situations, or with different names and/or messages, and then display only the message or messages you want at a given time. Each message A through T that is selected to display will appear in succession. For example, if message ‘A’ is “Hello”, message ‘B’ is “Tom”, message ‘C’ is “Karen” and message ‘D’ is “my friend”, you could select only message ‘A’ and the display would read “Hello”, or select messages ‘A’ and ‘B’ for the display to read “Hello Tom”, or select messages ‘A’ and ‘C’ and ‘D’ to display “Hello Karen my friend”. As far as I can determine though, the display will always chain the messages together in the order of their letter names A through T.The display has two fonts available, basically ‘normal’ and ‘bold’ versions of the same simple sans serif font. The character set includes English, Spanish and French characters, plus a handful of graphic symbols and maybe some others that I did not identify. You can program each message to scroll at five different speeds and two brightness settings.Programming a message goes like this…

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