SPY NET: Stealth Video Glasses

SPY NET: Stealth Video Glasses

They may look like regular sunglasses, but Spy Net Video Glasses are the ultimate spy tool packed with high tech spy features! Spy Net takes high end electronics and interactive gadgets and puts them in the hands and on the wrists of burgeoning young secret agents. For undercover surveillance, detection and communication, Spy Net provides all the technology you’ll need to tackle any secret mission.

Product Features

  • Record up to 20 minutes of Video and over 2,000 Pictures
  • Easy to upload your evidence with the included USB connection – PC and Mac compatible
  • Upload evidence at SpyNetHQ.com

2 thoughts on “SPY NET: Stealth Video Glasses

  1. Cindy R. Joseph
    Cindy R. Joseph says:

    Your child’s take on this toy will depend on age/maturity/attention span… 0

  2. Eric Brefka

    21 year old male VERY satisfied 0

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