Super Solvers – Gizmos & Gadgets!

Super Solvers – Gizmos & Gadgets!

Morty Maxwell, the Master of Mischief, has taken over the Shady Glen Technology Center and claims he can build the best auto, air, and alternative energy vehicles. Now, he?s challenging all Super Solvers to outrace him. To win, you?ll need to build the fastest vehicle. But first, you?ll have to collect all the parts you need for your racing gizmo. Solve science puzzles featuring everyday gadgets such as wheelbarrows and wrenches, skateboards, and scissors. Then it?s off to the races, where you?ll meet Morty and prove that you?re the real master of science!

Product Features

  • Physical Science
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Problem-Solving

3 thoughts on “Super Solvers – Gizmos & Gadgets!

  1. Theatre Kidd "princessofmirkwood"
    Theatre Kidd "princessofmirkwood" says:

    Gizmos and Gadgets 0

  2. edmomqby

    Fun and educational, but won’t work on XP computers 0

  3. D. Pitts

    WinXP can play Gizmos & Gadgets 0

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