101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius

101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius

101 projects that appeal to the spy in you

Utilizing inexpensive, easily obtainable components, you can build the same information gathering, covert sleuthing devices used by your favorite film secret agent. Projects range from simple to sophisticated and come complete with a list of required parts and tools, numerous illustrations, and step-by-step assembly instructions.

  • Projects include: scanners and radios, night vision devices, telephone devices, computer monitoring, audio eavesdropping, hidden cameras, video transmitters, and more

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  1. calvinnme

    Fascinating addition to the Evil Genius series of hobbyist books At first I thought that this particular book in the Evil Genius series might be a bit too cheesy for my taste, but it does have some very interesting content. As with all of the evil genius books, you should not expect a deep amount of theory on the inner workings of the various electronic devices discussed, but there is enough theory and construction detail that you will learn much about how to modify and control devices and be able to produce some interesting projects. The book does spend quite a bit of space on the operational details of cameras including digital photo enhancement, hooking up a web cam, and long range digital photography. This book has the quality and attention to detail in the instructions, diagrams, and photographs that, quite frankly, have been missing from recent entries in the Evil Genius project books.Since in many ways this book is aimed at teens that want to learn by being mischievous, if you are a parent you need to look through the book carefully to make sure nothing dangerous is going on before turning your teenager loose with it. Oddly enough, the chapter on laser gadgets was fairly innocuous. It mainly consisted of using laser pointers to control devices remotely. The chapter that worries me is the chapter on “Protection and Countermeasures”, since there are several projects that are variations of remote shocking devices using tasers. The most interesting chapter is the final one that is basically just one big project – building a spy robot – that is broken down into eleven smaller projects and builds on all of the material presented in the previous chapters. I especially recommend this book for adult hobbyists as well as parents and teachers who want some material on electronics that will likely hold a teenager’s attention and teach them something at the same time. The table of contents is as follows:Section One: IntroductionSection Two: Audio Eavesdropping and RecordingProject 1–Microrecorder HackingProject 2–Ultrahigh-Gain Microphone PreampProject 3–Bionic Stereo Spy EarsProject 4–Parabolic Dish MicrophoneProject 5–Working with Audio on Your ComputerProject 6–Filtering Out Background NoisesProject 7: Wiring Your Body to Record AudioSection Three: Hard Wired Telephone DevicesProject 8–Telephone Audio InterfaceProject 9–Automatic Call RecorderProject 10–Sound Activated Computer Call LoggerProject 11–Super Stealth Line TapProject 12–Telephone Input/Output BoxProject 13–Using Computer Effects to Disguise Your VoiceProject 14–Simple Digital Voice Disguiser CircuitProject 15–Ultimate Telephone Voice ChangerProject 16–Let Your Computer Do the TalkingProject 17–World Wide Telephone TapSection Four: Digital Camera HackingProject 18–Enhancing Digital PhotosProject 19–Hacking the Digital Camera’s TriggerProject 20–Covert Handbag Digital CameraProject 21–Time Lapse Camera TriggerProject 22–Motion Sensing Camera TriggerProject 23–Digital Camera Gun SightProject 24–Long-Range Digital PhotographySection Five: Video Cameras and RecordingProject 25–Video Signal and Camera BasicsProject 26–Recording Video SignalsProject 27: Hack a VCR for Time-Lapse RecordingProject 28–Motion Controlled Audio RecordProject 29–Multiple Camera Auto SwitcherProject 30–Working with Video on a ComputerProject 31–Web Cameras as Security CamerasSection Six: Covert and Hidden Spy CamerasProject 32–Working with Microvideo CamerasProject 33–Classic Nanny CamProject 34–Night Vision Fire Detector CamProject 35–Covert Marker CamProject 36–WYSIWYG SunglassesProject 37–Long-Range Video CameraProject 38–Microscope Video CameraSection Seven: Video Camera Pan and Tilt ControlProject 39–RC Servo Pan and Tilt Camera BaseProject 40–Remote Controlled Servo BaseProject 41–Manual Controlled Servo BaseProject 42–Microcontroller Controlled Servo BaseProject 43–Motion Tracking CameraSection Eight: Night Vision DevicesProject 44–Using Low Lux CamerasProject 45–Infrared, the Invisible LightProject 46–LED Night Vision IlluminatorProject 47–Pulsed LEDS for Higher OutputProject 48–Outdoor Night Vision IlluminatorProject 49–Infrared Laser IlluminatorProject 50–Long-Range Laser IlluminatorProject 51–Night Vision HeadgearSection Nine: Audio Bugs and Transmitters…

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