SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System

SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System

SwingTIP and MobiCoach — Live, remote coaching on your mobile device
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Commitment to Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding your SwingTIP sensor, please contact Mobiplex Customer Care seven days a week at support (at) mobiplex.com. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we will respond quickly to any and all emails from Amazon customers.

Your Choice – Standalone Self-Teaching or Live, Remote Coaching

Everyone wants to learn how to play better golf. The challenge is in knowing how to quickly improve. The SwingTIP golf swing analyzer and mobile app (iOS, Android) deliver real-time swing analysis that shows you what happened, why, and how to improve it. Want immediate help on a specific aspect of your swing or putting technique? Sign-up for a MobiCoach live, remote coaching session to get instruction from the game’s best teachers, on your mobile device (iOS only, Android coming), from anywhere in the world.

Capture Your Golf Swing with SwingTIP

SwingTIP is the most advanced, effective and easy-to-use mobile golf swing analysis and training tool on the market. The Bluetooth-motion sensor uses advanced pattern recognition to capture and analyze the full trajectory of your golf swing. It works with a mobile app to transmit real-time golf swing analysis to your iPhone 4+, iPod Touch 4th gen+, iPad2+ or Android mobile device.

Live Instruction from a Remote Coach

MobiCoach is the industry’s first live, remote mobile golf coaching service (iOS only, Android coming). Get coaching from the game’s best teachers in a comprehensive, convenient, and affordable manner. Instruction at home year-round, no matter the weather. No more uploading swing videos to the web, and waiting for feedback days later. Get live, remote feedback on your swing or putting technique that you can implement on your very next swing.

MobiCoach marketplace connects golfers and coaches
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MobiCoach Online Golf Coach Marketplace

MobiCoach is an online golf coach marketplace for live, remote mobile coaching lessons. It includes a growing roster of top golf coaches from institutions such as Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf, Troon Golf Academy, and others. Create a free MobiCoach account online at mobicoach.com to review coach bios, rates, and availability as well as to book a lesson.

SwingTIP and MobiCoach — Live, remote lessons with a coach
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Experience A Live Coaching Session

SwingTIP works with a coach’s MobiCoach iPad app to enable a live, remote coaching session. Join a voice call and capture and share swing videos and 3D swing data in real-time with a coach. For visual learning, the system mirrors the coach’s screen to your screen – watch him/her review your videos frame-by-frame, and use whiteboard tools to markup areas for improvement. A side-by-side feature let’s the coach review current and previous swings simultaneously.

Display sync between golfer and coach
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Take a MobiCoach Lesson Anytime, Anywhere

Join a live voice call with your coach. Record and share your swings for instant feedback. Incorporate the advice on your very next swing for instant results. After the lesson, review the session videos and notes from your coach whenever you like. In as little as 15 minutes, you can get the live instruction that you need to improve your swing or putting technique. MobiCoach lessons can be taken year-round, and anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or 4G connection.

Auto-video recording with your SwingTIP sensor and app
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Hands-free Video Recording of Your Swing

Mount your phone or tablet on a tripod to auto-capture videos of your swing. The SwingTIP Bluetooth motion sensor auto-triggers your mobile device’s video recorder to capture swing-after-swing. It auto-trims your videos before and after impact, and plays them back – no need to leave your stance. Easily share your videos via email or Facebook.

SwingTIP analyzes your swing from 3-angles and reports key metrics
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3D Swing Analysis and Metrics

SwingTIP analyzes your swing across five swing checkpoints: address, takeaway, top of swing, halfway through downswing and impact. It displays your swing from three angles (target, front, top) and lets you compare a current swing to your “favorite swing. ” SwingTIP pinpoints strengths & flaws on nine power and plane aspects, reports on key impact metrics, and provides instruction tips and videos for improvement.

Free MobiCoach account — book sessions and track progress over time
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Goals and Performance Tracker

After every practice session, the SwingTIP app makes it easy to create scorecards that summarize your performance stats. Email them to a friend or coach for advice. Your free MobiCoach online account has a performance dashboard that reports your overall performance scores. See performance trends across each club-type, metric, and time period of your choice.

Product Features

  • Real-time golf swing analysis transmitted to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 4th Generation (iOS 7.0+) or Android phone/tablet (4.0+)
  • Hands-free video/audio recording, review and sharing of your swing for advice
  • Enabled for a MobiCoach real-time, remote golf swing lesson with a coach (iOS, Android coming)
  • Power & Plane Analytics pinpoint flaws and provide instruction tips/videos for improvement
  • Free MyMobiCoach online account and scorecards track trends and improvement
  • Download User Guides and Manual In Product Details section
  • SwingTIP is committed to customer support – see below for details

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    A Great Combination of Hardware and Software Remember the last time a piece of golf equipment made you laugh (in a good way)? Maybe it was the first time you hit your new big-headed titanium driver and flushed one out to real estate you’re not familiar with or the end of a round with your new putter that cut five putts from your score. Whatever the occasion or equipment involved, we’ve all had those moments when a new piece of gear works even better than we expected and we know it is going to help our game for years to come. That was my reaction after my first two on-range sessions with the SwingTip.Purchase Decision: There are a half-dozen or more personal swing analyzer devices currently on the market at a reasonable price (($100~$250). The idea of being able to accurately monitor swings during practice or even a round is very appealing so I jumped at the idea of having one of these new generation trainers.I purchased the SwingTip swing analyzer after reading a lot of reviews for all the current crop of GSA devices. Since the software for these devices is usually a free download, I installed the software applications for several, just to look them over. In the end, the SwingTip seemed to have the best combination of features and positive reviews. I ordered on line from a site that was running a 10% off special on orders over $100, so I got the SwingTip for less than the $129.00 list price.Getting Started: While waiting for the device to be delivered, I took the time to download the Android application to both my smart phone and tablet. The SwingTip app is available from the Google Play Store. The download/installation process was quick and simple. As part of the new installation process you are prompted to create an online account or log in to your account if you already have one. A word of caution here, if you install the software in two devices (smart phone and tablet), only create a new account with the first device. Simply use the “Login” option when the app is installed on the second device.While on the SwingTip web site ([…]) I located and downloaded both the Quick-Start Guide and the Application Guide. After a quick read, I started the SwingTip smart-phone application to check it out. Even without the SwingTip device, I was able to become familiar with the app which included a library of Demo Swings. Using the demo swings, I was able to check out the features and figure out which button did what.When I clicked on the “Settings” button, I saw that I was already logged into my account on the MySwingTip web site, but I needed to enter and save my email address so that I could email swing date to myself.The SwingTip arrived on my door in the late afternoon two days after ordering. Unfortunately, I was unable to try it out the next day since I had a 7:30 tee time. Instead, I plugged the device in to charge using the included USB cable. By the time I got home from golf, the device was fully charged and ready. Now for step two–pairing.I had read some reviews that talked about difficulty in pairing the SwingTip with their smart-phone/tablet, so I was prepared for the old software/hardware battle. My fears were unfounded. Following the simple instructions in the quick-start guide, the SwingTip was immediately detected by both my smart-phone and tablet. Pairing is a one-time affair and went smoothly. I now had a fully charged SwingTip that was paired with my Android devices. Time to see if it worked when I took a swing.Set Up: The first step in using the SwingTip is to install it on a club. The software is set up to accurately read Driver, Wood and 6-Iron. I chose my 6-iron and began to install the “holster”. The holster is a plastic affair that mounts on the club shaft and holds the SwingTip device securely in place. Installation is a two-step process.First: The holster is slipped onto the shaft of the club and slid up against the bottom of the grip. There is a small white golf club symbol on the side of the holster. The holster is turned so that this club symbol is oriented with the actual club head.Second: Before tightening the holster, it must be accurately aligned with the club head. To assist with this, the holster has a small flip-up alignment sight (similar to the sight on an old military rifle). Peeking through the alignment sight, the holster is rotated until the sides of the site align with the horizontal grooves of the club head. This allows the SwingTip to determine if the club face is open, closed or square during a swing. Once the alignment is completed, two clips are closed to tighten the holster on the shaft and prevent twisting during a swing. The fasteners are a combination of metal and plastic and look like the latches on an old trunk or tool box. Be careful that the alignment doesn’t slip while closing the latches. Once the holster is positioned and tightened, the SwingTip is slid along groves in the holster…

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