Best of Stitch: Bags to Sew

Best of Stitch: Bags to Sew

Express your unique style with 20 fun and fabulous bags to stitch!

Welcome to a selection of the best bags from the popular Stitch magazine, plus 5 brand-new projects, curated by its editors. The book features designs from Malka Dubrawsky, Ayumi Takahashi, Kevin Kosbab, Carol Zentgraf, and many more.

Techniques include patchwork, applique, pleating, creating dimension with fabric, and embroidery. Bags of a variety of shapes and sizes were selected, including coin purses, gadget bags, clutches, slouch bags, and messenger bags, so you are sure to find something to make for yourself or give to your friends and family.

Inside you will find all of the best bags from Stitch magazine in one place, plus 5 brand-new designs- there’s something for everyone!

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