Ex-Beatle Ringo Starr, Dennis Quaid, Barbara Bach and Shelley Long band together in a hilarious love story for the ages’the stone ages! With an all-star cast and fun special effects, this cult comedyclassic is a “cheery, playful” (The New York Times) romp through BC that “aims for belly laughs and gets them” (Variety)! Prehistoric life is tough for poor, lovesick Atouk (Starr). As the smallest and weakest caveman of his tribe, he is unable to win the heart of the beautiful Lana (Bach) and is banished from the cave by Lana’s mate, Tonda (NFL star John Matuszak), the hulking chief of the tribe. Forced to wander the ancient wilderness, Atouk meets a variety of unlikelyallies who, after hearing his story, want to help him get back in with his clan. And before Atouk knows it, he’s the chief of his own tribe of misfits! Leading his rag-tag band of oddballs into battle, Atouk has one mission in mind: to knock Tonda off his throne and carry Lana away by her hair!

3 thoughts on “Caveman

  1. B. Merritt ""
    B. Merritt "" says:

    Five Stars? Yes…Just Because it’s soooo Corny 0

  2. Efrain Rivera Jr. "UltraJ"
    Efrain Rivera Jr. "UltraJ" says:

    A Clasic Will Always Be A Clasic 0

  3. Todd E. Mayer
    Todd E. Mayer says:

    One of my favorites! 0

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