Invisible Secret Spy Nano Wireless Earphone Earpiece for Mobile Phone

Invisible Secret Spy Nano Wireless Earphone Earpiece for Mobile Phone

This mini earpiece is an electromagnetic wave inductive and receiving device with a micro earpiece designed to fit exactly in ear canal for secret communication. The sound is clear, but not as loud as a normal earphone, so it’s not recommended to use in a loud area.

How can it be used?

-Communication for Security


-Law enforcement

-Private investigators

-Business Professionals

1)How do you wear the earpiece?

– Clean and dry out your ears thoroughly before use

-Wear the loop set, connect batteries & connector & plug the jack into your phone

-Turn volume on the lowest setting

-Turn your head to the left or right so your ears are horizontal to the ground and ceiling. Place the earpiece in your ear. You will hear a noise when it touches your ear drum. NOTE: It must touch your ear drum to function. If not, the sound will be too quiet

-Slowly turn up volume

2)How do you take it out?

-Place the magnet near your ear canal and slowly turn your head so your ear is parallel to the ground. Gravity and the force of the magnet will pull the earpiece to the magnet. It may help to use a metal stick on the end of the magnet

3)Does the earpiece require power?

– No, power comes from the loop set by the batteries

4)The volume is too low or I can’t hear anything. Why?

-This means it was not positioned correctly. It must touch the ear drum to function correctly. Remove the earpiece and position it again

5)How is the sound quality when it’s in my ear?

– The sound is clear because the system doesn’t product any background noise. If you hear any abnormal noises, check your phone

6)Can I listen to music?

– Music requires a hifi earphone. It’s not suggested to use for music

Product Features

  • Invisible wireless earpiece receives signal by an inductive coil across electromagnetic fields (like a radio)
  • Works with any mobile phone with a 3.5mm jack or with the use of an adapter (not included)
  • Completely hidden and discreet communication
  • Earpiece Dimensions: 3x2mm

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