Garmin Fenix 2 GPS Watch

Garmin Fenix 2 GPS Watch

Combining the best features of our Fitness and outdoor watches, the fenix 2 is the multisport athlete’s Training partner. Whether Running, climbing, riding, hiking, Skiing, or even Swimming, the fenix 2 lets you easily switch between feature sets for easier access to the information you need. Switch from Advanced Fitness Training features like VO2 max, Virtual Partner and a recovery advisor, to high-sensitivity GPS tracking features like 3-axis compass, worldwide base map, or jump to completely different feature set for any of your separate activities. And Smart Notification keeps you alerted, even while you’re out inventing new sports.

Product Features

  • Fitness Training – Real-time performance data such as time, distance, pace, calories, speed, lap data, and heart rate1 Advanced Workouts – When paired with heart rate monitor1, calculates Advanced features like recovery advisor and race predictor
  • Running Dynamics – When paired with HRM-Run monitor2, fenix 2 provides feedback on Running form by measuring cadence (number of steps per minute), vertical oscillation (bounce in your Running motion), and ground contact time
  • Ski Mode – Ski-Board Mode measures 3D speed and distance, time, vertical drop, total runs, auto pause, auto run detection, plus features Ski specific data pages, history of runs, performance data
  • Swim Mode – Indoor and outdoor Swim Modes that record stroke count, intervals, distance, pace, and time. For pool Swimming, also counts lengths, detects stroke type, and computes the user’s SWOLF score
  • Stay Connected – Automatically uploads data wirelessly to Garmin Connect, Live Track and social media (using Garmin Connect Mobile app on smartphone3), plus features Smart Notification4 so you can receive emails, texts and alerts directly on your fenix 2

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  1. Drew

    Garmin FENIX 2 – 11 MAY 2014 I don’t write reviews often, but there was so much information and updates surrounding this watch, I decided with the recent updates I should throw my two cents in, since everyone else’s helped me decide myself. I bought this just a few weeks ago after reading the online reviews of the previous FENIX, comparison with the TACTIX and D2 Flight Versions and the DCrainmaker reviews – (the best overall comparisons for every major Alt / Baro / Compass (ABC) / GPS watches – even within the same brand (GARMIN), however just a bit outdated now as they were based on the Beta model, now much improved with software updates). I have not extensively tested the issues others have reported regarding the loss of tracking, inaccurate GPS tracks, the battery dying or timer / distance reseting after 2-3 hours. Those are serious issues for the dedicated distance athlete – I will test mine during normal use with the features running over the next couple of days to see if I have the same problems. ***12 MAY 2014 Update***: Ran the GPS all day, to include various times of indoor / lost signal and without the HRM on. I pressed random lap times and navigated through a few menus, leaving it going until the battery died (under 2% – the watch shut off automatically) at 11 hours and 40 minutes. I would expect the HRM use in conjunction with to decrease that a bit more and there was many times I was indoors, however the watch should have been searching for satellites still using extensive battery life. I estimated 12-15 hours (NORMAL GPS Mode, Hiking Activity) but it did fall a bit short. Not bad, with still an option for “Ultra Trac” GPS mode to significantly increase the battery life. I am going to run the GPS with the HRM and then again another day with it in Ultra Trac GPS mode…more updates to follow.***14 May 2014*** Update: HRM running and GPS going with moderate indoor & outdoor use. I did have the HRM drop at only about 25 minutes, but held solid until about 08 hrs & 40 mins when it dropped again. Both times I had to press & hold the light button down to shut off & restart the watch to reconnect, as even going through settings, sensors & HR, it only showed ” searching” until the reboot. It does maintain the total elapsed time once you press start and resume the activity again, though. Just an odd, annoying glitch that seems to happen randomly. Battery life is still running well, with both HRM & GPS (when outside, about half the total time today) I’m at 9 hours and still at 38%, but spent much less time outside today, as compared to my previous update & battery life. The next week I will run the GPS ultra-trac to see how close to the 50 hour mark I can get to! PROs: – Great design; I picked this based on the incredible variety of options this watch has. No other even comes close, with glide ratio (jump master), ski settings, swim strokes, even a heart rate monitor (extra $$) that can measure vertical bounce / oscillations / VO2 Max setting (based on run / HR) – Solid look and case, black with three band options! One rubber strap, one cordura-style material “velcro” strap attached by solid thick screws into the watch (tool included) and even a third to hang from a rucksack / hiking pack instead of from a wrist!! – Waterproof with swim options including stroke, distance, laps, etc – or depth for low level diving / snorkeling – Built in Temp…accuracy is always affected by wearing it, naturally. Prior glitches with recording the data and connecting to a temp sensor (extra $$) before i read about. I haven’t tested to see if that was fixed as it’s not a concern for me personally. – Compass, independent from the GPS with calibration options. I had always carried a compass on a watch prior for navigating around cities when traveling on a map…actually an important option for me, works great. – Sunrise / Sunset and Moon Rise / Set data with image of phase (not % of light, but pic of the current phase – by date) – Red Backlight, solid face only viewable within 30-90 degrees (straight-on) or so; nice minor tactical option from the TACTIX – Once the menus are set up, you can view and do everything you’d want for running, HR (with sensor), pace, elevation, calories, etc – ***They finally added (last updated software – April 2014 to 2.6 / 2.90 GPS) that included a 4-field page for displaying data during an activity…essential for me for Time, Dist, Pace and HR on one page!*** – Different Options for GPS battery power…Ultra-Trac, claiming up to 50 hours sipping GPS signals (every 60 secs instead of instant updates) is a great feature. I haven’t verified the battery at full usage – some claim as little as 5-6 hours, but I have an “old” Triathalon TIMEX with GPS and HRM that will do 12 hours…surely this should last 12-15, but I will test this again in the next couple of days and provide an…

  2. Peter Norris "I expect Nothing."
    Peter Norris "I expect Nothing." says:

    Don’t dump your 910xt 0

  3. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Looks good on paper, but wait to see if they get all the bugs ironed out 0

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