Flipple Baby Bottle to Go – Turns Water Bottle into Baby Bottle!

Flipple Baby Bottle to Go – Turns Water Bottle into Baby Bottle!

Made in the USA and BPA free – its an emergency baby bottle. Flipple turns 99% of bottled water products into a baby bottle so lighten the load by leaving the baby bottles at home. Simply buy water on the go, screw on the Flipple adapter and add babys favorite nipple. It is safe and easy allowing you to hydrate your baby without worries. If formula is needed, simply flip the funnel shaped adapter upside down so powder can be added to the small bottle neck opening. At the end of the day, Flipple goes back into the diaper bag, bottles get recycled and only the nipples need washed. Flipple will grow with your baby when the new sippy spout is added this summer. By simply removing the nipple and adding the special sippy spout to the collar, you now have a sippy bottle. Switch back and forth between baby bottle and sippy as needed. With Flipple in the bag, avoid: unpredictable emergencies due to weather, traffic, airport delays, feeding with unknown quality of public water, lost, left behind, or no clean bottles, having to leave because baby bottles are dirty, rinsing dirty bottles without washing. Flipple is a one of a kind because: one product fits all US brands of bottled water, it works with most standard nipples and collars, its guaranteed not to leak – seal between water bottle and silicone nipple, built in funnel for adding formula, minimal cleanup, nonverbal illustration on package. The package comes with one Flipple adapter, one collar, one cap and one level two silicone nipple. Flipple is grandma approved and makes a great gift. Please recycle.

Product Features

  • Safe, fast and easy hydration while on the go
  • Turns 99% of bottled water products into baby bottle
  • Emergency baby bottle
  • Built in funnel for adding formula
  • Grows with baby when special sippy top replaces nipple (available in June)

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