Inspector Gadget’s Last Case – Claw’s Revenge

Inspector Gadget’s Last Case – Claw’s Revenge

Go-Go Adventure! Go-Go Excitement! Go-Go Gadget! Fasten your seat belts…and get ready for super-charged fun! Inspector Gadget and his four-wheeled partner, Gadgetmobile, are all revved up for high-speed adventure.

There’s a new crime fighter protecting the streets of Metro City. The only trouble is…it’s not Inspector Gadget! His name is Devon Debonair, and he’s convinced everyone that he can outsmart anyone who stands in his way. But something’s not quite right about this muscle-bound superhero; in fact, he seems to have a secret connection to Gadget’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Claw. And it will take all the brains, charm and high-tech gizmos Inspector Gadget can come up with to stop him!When the inept inspector accidentally thwarts a bank robbery by Dr. Claw’s minions, the evil Claw devises a revenge scheme that puts the Gadgetmobile in the shop and Gadget out of a job. During this 73-minute animated feature, things go from bad to worse for Gadget when he abandons his beloved car for a more sophisticated model in the hopes of better competing with Metro City’s new superhero Devon Debonair, who’s stealing all his good works and publicity. Then Debonair buys Gadget’s cast-off, re-dubs it the “Debonairmobile,” and provides him with fancy parking quarters and a personal buffer. Gadget may be too dim to figure out the connection to Claw, but thank goodness his niece Penny can think for both of them. While there’s an underlying lesson in loyalty, the inspector’s real forte is goofy fun. (Ages 3 to 12) –Kimberly Heinrichs

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    Make this Gadget’s Last case 0

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