8″x 6″ Black Velvet (outside) Grey Satin (inside) Multi-Purpose Carrying Bag wth Drawstrings (Gadgets, Jewelry, Gifts, Keys, Dice, Rune/tarot)

Ideal for Safe-keeping your prized possessions!!

This beautiful and very well made multi-purpose bag is great to safe-keep jewelry; gadgets such as cell phones, headphones, music players; calculators and accessories – either at home or inside a handbag, etc. Additionally, use as a Dice Bag or Rune/Tarot Bag. Or, other storage, safe-keeping and carrying needs

Product Features

  • Spacious design 8″ x 6″ – sizable enough to fit comfortably multiple gadgets such as iPhone and iPod, plus various other items!
  • Gorgeous exterior/interior colors; featuring “My Lucky Bag” message on the outside
  • Velvet exterior and Satin interior
  • Drawstring with locking knobs and quick release
  • Each unit is individually packaged in a clear plastic bag

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