Daron Shock Ball Hot Potato Game

Daron Shock Ball Hot Potato Game

Shock Ball Assorted Colors-Red or Blue

Three games in one:

For 1-100 players
Pass the shocking ball from player to player
The ball gives random electric shocks
Drop the ball and you are OUT
Last player standing wins
The second game is WHOSE ROUND IS IT ? :

Same as Hot Potato, but first to drop the ball buys the drinks !
The third game is TOUGH GUY:

Hold the ball for as long as possible..longest time wins

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Glows bright red or blue when shocking
Rugged construction
Auto off function for safety
Packaged in a clear box, suitable for gift giving

Product Features

  • Shocks at random
  • Fun game to play with friends
  • Instructions included

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  1. P. Alvarado ":)"
    P. Alvarado ":)" says:

    Fun but FRAGILE 0

  2. Corinna

    Shocking fun 0

  3. El Gato

    I got shocked!!! 0

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