InterDesign 255 00 Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Indicator

InterDesign 255 00 Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Indicator

Put an end to guessing about “clean” or “dirty” dishes. Simply apply this suction cup indicator on your dishwasher and turn it accordingly to let your family know if it’s okay to grab a bowl.

2 piece plastic & rubber construction
3.5″ diameter
black & clearThis simple device informs the family whether dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. It adheres to the dishwasher with a suction cup. Half black (with a “dirty” sign) and half clear (with a “clean” sign), the 3-inch device can be spun to position the proper sign at the top so everyone knows what’s what. –Fred Brack

Product Features

  • Informs whether dishes in dishwasher are dirty or clean
  • Adheres with suction cup
  • Half clear, half black; spin to indicate “clean” or “dirty”
  • 3 inches in diameter
  • Adheres to any smooth surface

3 thoughts on “InterDesign 255 00 Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Indicator

  1. lost_gecko

    Great alternative for dishwasher — suction cup rather than magnetic 0

  2. J. Callicrate
    J. Callicrate says:

    Clean/dirty Dishwasher Spinner 0

  3. J. Leister

    This is NOT a magnet. 0

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