USB Desktop Aquarium – Mini Fish Tank with Running Water

The USB Powered Small Desktop Aquarium makes the perfect novelty gift for the techie in your life. A fully functional small desktop aquarium with running water that is powered by the usb port in your computer! It comes with an adjustable overhead light, multicolor interior lights and it even comes with a low voltage working pump and an under gravel filtration system. The small aquarium doubles as a desktop organizer/pen holder. Built right into the usb aquarium is a multi-featured digital LCD information system that displays the time/date and week/temperature that also features an alarm clock with snooze and a countdown timer! It also emits pleasing nature sounds to further compliment this great desktop gift. Make your desktop an oasis of calm with this great unique and unusual gift idea for the geek in your life.

Product Features

  • Fully functional USB powered low voltage pump and filtration system and running water
  • Comes with gravel and fake aquarium plant
  • LCD Alarm clock with time/date/temperature/snooze and countdown timer
  • Adjustable overhead LED light and color changing LED interior lights
  • Plays soothing sounds of nature

2 thoughts on “USB Desktop Aquarium – Mini Fish Tank with Running Water

  1. P. Henderson "Part time gaming sniper"
    P. Henderson "Part time gaming sniper" says:

    Looks great, and quiet 0

  2. QfromRPI

    Nerdy fish boyfriend loves this 0

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