Droid’s assault stems from a musical skeleton fused by rapid-fire riffs, wicked power grooves, and a violent, hardcore crash. This California quintet embraces a bludgeoning aesthetic that pummels, punishes, and pushes the boundaries of heavy metal. Guitars thrash with a syncopated bone-snapping crunch. Drums blast a barrage of deadly double bass, while the bass rhythm remains bolted down. This core allows the vocals to channel an honest brutality and propel the entire package into a dark, violent, and cathartic realm.

3 thoughts on “Droid

  1. Aveek Roy

    Solid Groove Metal Album 0

  2. Evil Thing "fish"
    Evil Thing "fish" says:

    The Ultimate… 0

  3. Mark Carver
    Mark Carver says:

    Earth-moving audio violence 0

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