Paladone Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Paladone Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Who like’s a good beer??? Well nobody gets as excited as Happy Man over his favorite drink. This hilarious and aptly named fellow is just waiting to entertain guests and tear that drink wide open so that you may savor a tasty draught from your favorite beverage.

Product Features

  • This cheeky little fellow’s massive appendage will plug the necks of wine bottles!
  • Just” pull him off” when you want more!
  • Warning, enjoy happy man responsibly!
  • Novelty wine bottle stopper!
  • Superb!

2 thoughts on “Paladone Happy Man Bottle Stopper

  1. Jim

    fun item for fun loving people 0

  2. Kat

    Needs more girth 0

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