Fizz Saver Refrigerator 2-Liter Soft Drink Dispenser

Fizz Saver Refrigerator 2-Liter Soft Drink Dispenser

Product Features

  • Keeps drinks carbonated and dispenses just the right amount right from your fridge.
  • Simply twist dispenser onto the top of a plastic 2-liter or 1-liter bottle, then invert the bottle to dispense drinks into your glass.
  • Fizz will last until the bottle is empty.
  • Great for use at home, office, camping, entertaining and more.

2 thoughts on “Fizz Saver Refrigerator 2-Liter Soft Drink Dispenser

  1. A. luis "skybo"
    A. luis "skybo" says:

    Works Fantastic but has a fatal flaw you must avoid Ok, I was very skeptical of this, having been let down by similar products over the years-including some of those that pump air into the bottles (IMHO a non-effective and tedious method, particularly when you have to pump half a liter of air into the thing each time ya open it). But I’ve gotten so tired of having those 2 liters go flat halfway down the bottle, I figured I would try one more gizmo, even though I gave it a 20% chance of working. However, I have had it for a few weeks, and am now on my 6th 2 liter bottle, and I am STILL thrilled to see that the drinks are staying properly carbonated to the last drop. What were the odds? This thing works so incredibly well, I’m surprised you hear so little about it. And this particular one fits nicely in the fridge, unlike the other one that makes the 2 liter bottle stand so tall, it wont fit in many fridges compartments very easily.One thing I need to mention, the first few times you use it, after having reloaded a new bottle, the soda might not come out at all, since the carbonation has just been released when you opened the bottle, and so it may seem like a problem to you. However,once its been sitting there a little while, the carbonation has some time to build up inside the bottle and then comes out at about 100 mph. If you pour it like they do beer at the tap, with the glass close to the pour spout, it wont be a problem, and the drink will still be nicely carbonated in the glass, even though it seems like it wouldn’t be since it comes out under so much pressure, that you would think it would go flat.All you have to do is learn to open the valve slower early on into a new bottle. As liquid is dispensed and theres less carbonation inside, it starts to pour almost perfectly for the next 1/2 to 3/4 of the 2L bottle. Then as it nears the last 1/4 of the bottle, the opposite is true; too little available CO2 to push it out, so all you have to do is squeeze the bottle a little, and it will come out, STILL almost perfectly carbonated.I wish though, that they sold these in pairs on amazon as they do on a few shopping channels, since it would be nice to save on shipping, and since they work so well, having only one of these beauties is NOT enough, trust me.PS. (2 weeks later) I’m editing this, because a few weeks into this love-fest with this thing, I tightened a bottle too hard, and it cracked the unit, rendering it useless. Future design needs to have a way of preventing that, since it was a little too easy to do. Otherwise, it worked great till the bitter end.PPS.(a month later) OK…I really SHOULD remove 4 of the stars from my rating, if only for all the torment this contraption has caused me over the past month!!! After having broken 3 of these by now, and thrown $60 of plastic gizmology into the trash, I have found the reason this thing is the most expensive way to save a $1 liter of Coke ever to be designed by humanity.BYE THE WAY…I found out that the reason this was happening is that there are about 4 different types of plastic 2 liter bottles out there, which look identical, and are only different on the lenght of the cap at the top of the bottle. The cap and the threads where the cap screws onto are almost 3 mm longer from top to bottom than the other type which fits perfect (these are usually rounded on top. They are distributed by 7up, Pepsi, and some others). Everytime I tried to save $.20 by getting a SAM’s club branded soda, I ended up throwing away $18 in the trash. I would be careful to only screw it in so far, but then it would leak, and it needed to go further, and i would screw it in further, and CRACK!!! I didn’t understand why, since usually it was no problem. I am sure its not just the Sam’s club bottles, but all the bottles of this other type of PET bottle generation. Apparently the bottles that are not rounded off at the corners of the caps, but instead have a distinct 90 degree drop off, are a tiny bit longer (about 3 mm- almost unoticeable) than the others, and WILL crack your gizmo every time. The instructions make NO mention or warning about any of this. This gizmo was designed ONLY for the newer kind of 2 litre bottles, the ones with the shorter, rounded off and scalloped plastic caps.Keep in mind that the theory behind this system itself WORKS great, but this particular dispenser (the REFRIGERATOR FIZZ SAVER sold by Amazon’s affiliate) is flawed by cheap design. In fact, if you received what you saw on the amazon ads, a HOCKEY PUCK looking dispenser, it might be OK and this problem would never have happened (what, that would be about 5 cents more per unit to manufacture or something right? lol). But thats the problem, its not the thicker hockey puck dispenser you receive. Instead, It’s this thin little piece of plastic, about 1’4 inch thick on the bottom. Any over-tightening results in you throwing $18 -including shipping- into…

  2. A. Lasack

    It would be great if it didn’t leak! 0

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