GadgetZone (US Seller) 20 Amp PWM Digital Controller Solar Charge Regulator with Industrial Intelligent Chip for Solar System

GadgetZone (US Seller) 20 Amp PWM Digital Controller Solar Charge Regulator with Industrial Intelligent Chip for Solar System


The solar controller is designed for solar DC power supply system, DC solar street light system, to use professional intelligent chip to control it to use one button light touch switch to finish all the manipulation and settings. The controller has many protective functions for example, short circuit, over load, wrong connection, over charge, over discharge, auto cut, auto recovery etc. With detailed charging battery state, load and breakdown signal LEDs. It useS PWM battery charge mode, to assure the battery at its best state and prolong its life span. It has many working modes, discharge choices, to meet different users needs


* Rated charge current: 20A
* Rated load current: 20A
* Work voltage: 12/24V Auto
* Over load, short circuit protection: 1.25 rated load current 60sec, 1.5 rated loads current 5sec, over load protection action. No less than 3 Rated load current short circuit protection action.
* No load current no more than 6mA
* Charging circuit voltage drop no more than 0.26 V
* Load circuit voltage drop no more than 0.15 V
* Over voltage protection 17V; x2/24V
* Work temperature Industry stage: -35 C to +55 C
* Boost charge voltage: 14.6V, x2/24V, (keep 10min)
* Direct charge voltage: 14.4V, x2/24V, (keep 10min)
* Float charge voltage: 13.6V, x2/24V
* Charge return voltage: 13.2v, x2/24V
* Temperature compensation: -5mv/C/cell (Boost charge, Direct charge, Float charge, charge return voltage)
* Lower voltage indicate: 12.0V, x2/24V
* Over discharge voltage: 11.1V (no load) – real-time modified voltage by the discharge rate, x2/24V
* Over discharge return voltage: 12.6V, x2/24V
* Control mode: PWM charge mode, modified discharge voltage by the discharge rate
* Color: Black

Package Includes:

1 * Solar Controller
1 * User manual

Product Features

  • Intelligent control with single chip and professional software. With precise battery discharge control by use of battery discharge features, different final voltage
  • With over charge, over discharge, short circuit, over load, wrong connection auto protection. When the above mention functions work, it won’t destroy any components of the controller, it won’t burn the fuse
  • To use series connection PWM circuit, it is 3%-6% more effective than non-PWM circuit when charging. To use float charging control mode to prolong the system life span, with high precision temperature compensation function
  • To use industrial grade chip, it can work under environment such as cold high temperature humid, at the same time, it uses a crystal oscillator timing control, the timing control accurately
  • To use LED display and setting, one button can carry out all settings. To use flash memory to keep record of all the working control point, to make the settings digitalized. With DC discharge or IHZ strobe flash discharge mode which is especially suitable for traffic high control etc.

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