ASUS K200MA-DS01T-BL 11.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Blue)

ASUS K200MA-DS01T-BL 11.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Blue)

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ASUS K200MA Notebook- Highlighting Performance with a Dash of Color

Everyday computing has never looked better than the K200MA. Combining ultra-portability with a unique design, the 11.6” display is held within a thin and lightweight body that’s available in four distinct colors. It’s light enough to pick up while on the run, and powerful enough to last all day so you can finish your daily tasks. No matter what you’re doing, the K200MA’s intuitive HD touchscreen gives you the full Windows 8.1 experience for work or entertainment.

Features At-A-Glance:

* Intuitive touchscreen for an incredible Windows 8.1 experience* Intel Baytrail-M N2815 Dual Core processor with 4GB RAM for greater lag-free multitasking* Light and compact design with 500GB HDD storage space for all your files* Available in four distinct, vibrant colors to fit your personality

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A Notebook That’s As Colorful As You

The ASUS K200MA comes in four vibrant colors of your choice: Gentle Black or Elegant White for a classic look, and Hot Pink or Ocean Blue for an extra splash of character/pizzazz. Blending style with portability, the slim design features a 11.6” display housed within a frame that’s only 1” thin and 3 lbs light. Comfortable in your hand and fitting your personality, the K200MA is a notebook that’s an extension of who you are.

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A Smarter Touch

The HD touchscreen allows you to take full advantage of the Windows 8.1 experience. You’ll be able to effortlessly navigate multiple applications without ever needing a mouse, and with actuators that are 5mm in diameter – nearly half as small as Microsoft requires – the screen is 150% more accurate. The K200MA gives you complete control – from the screen to the keyboard, whose ergonomic, one-piece construction ensures and quick, accurate typing.

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More Power To Meet Your Needs

The K200MA improves upon one of ASUS’s top-sellers by featuring the latest Intel Baytrail-M N2815 Dual Core processor. This delivers improved performance – for greater lag-free multitasking – while consuming the same amount of power. And with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II, the amount of power at your disposal will be considerable: enough to keep the notebook in standby mode for two weeks and with an Instant On resume time of just two seconds. Balancing productivity and entertainment have never been easier.

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Sounds Too Good

ASUS’s team of sound experts has developed SonicMaster technology to provide the truest sound experience heard from a laptop. With larger speakers and sound chambers – all within the notebook’s slim 1” body – sound waves are allowed to fully expand outward. This results in reduced distortion and high-fidelity audio. Even more, sound is improved with AudioWizard’s six preset modes, each of which optimizes the sound of whatever you’re doing.

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HD Camera For a Clear Picture

Keep in touch with family and friends with the 720 HD camera. Thanks to high-sensitivity sensors, the K200MA gives you a crystal clear picture with a smooth video stream even in low light conditions.

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Sharing and Storing Made Easy

ASUS WebStorage provides easy cloud service so you never lose data again. Along with the hard drive space, the K200MA comes with 3GB of WebStorage at no cost to you. Store your data – personal files, music, photos, movies – in the cloud and access it anytime you want. All you need is an internet connection.

Product Features

  • Intel Celeron N 2815 2.13 GHz
  • 4 GB DDR3
  • 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  • 11.6-Inch Screen
  • Windows 8.1, 5-hour battery life

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  1. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Budget Ultra For Corporate or Home These ultra portable devices are really useful, but generally expensive. Not this one; it is reasonably priced, so I ordered it to see how well they did. I find it to be quite usable considering the specifications, with excellent BIOS security and other corporate-use features, to have slightly above average battery life with adequate performance, but to be a bit slow for any gaming use.Design:The right side has SDHC card reader, Headphone/Mic combined port, 2 USB 2.0 Ports, a RJ-45 LAN port, and a Kensington security slot. The left side has the power port, a full sized 15 pin VGA port, an HDMI port, and a USB3 port. The bottom has two slits for sound. This device has a touch screen, which is great at the price point. When opened, the screen has a camera port, a camera indicator, and a microphone. The lower portion (below the screen) has the power switch and a multi-light panel that indicates power, wireless, charge level, HDD activity, and caps lock; it is nice that these are on top when the unit is open, to see the status (especially the HDD light). The device features an unusual hinge; the hinge goes around behind the keyboard, reducing the height of the screen when opened. Overall, it is a bit bulkier than most ultras; the end near the screen is thicker. This is due to the hinge, but it also means that the keyboard has a good tilt for typing, and that there is enough depth for a full sized VGA port (most ultras have only HDMI), and a wired network cable on the other. I think it is a good compromise; the unit is fairly light but a bit bulky. The device includes Asus Webstorage (5gb).Battery:I tested the laptop from a full charge, using the recommended settings (about 35% screen brightness). It lasted around 5 hours with the screen on and moderate use, and I think that the time could be pushed to 6 hours with more efficient settings.Performance:I could tell that this was not a high end ultra. The screen, despite the modest resolution, is very readable from the front, below, and sides, but loses some visibility when viewed at the upper angles. I found that it will run a couple of programs well, maybe three, but after that there was some visible slowness. The performance was strangely variable; at some times it was quite snappy, but other times it seemed to take a while for the hard disk to kick in. Nevertheless, it is perfectly suitable for general word processing and spreadsheet use, and will be fine for basic video viewing, Skype, and that sort of thing. The hard drive is a Hitachi HTS545050A7E680, and runs at 5400 RPM. Most ultras come with only 256 Mb at most (and generally use an SSD), but this drive gives one 500 Mb of storage. However an SSD will be about 6 times faster – and way more expensive. The drive speed and type accounts for some of the slowness. The Keyboard has square keys and is well supported (doesn’t creak); I found it easy to use.Sound:Surprisingly for a device of this size, the sound on internal speakers was very good, and the headset output was excellent.Corporate Use:I put in this paragraph because the design has some great features for corporate use. The BIOS will allow the system administrator to lock down just about all of the ports (USB, etc), and encrypt the hard drive. I didn’t try these features out because I don’t intend to use them. Additionally, the full sized VGA port will be useful for connecting to a monitor at the office, and a full sized wired Ethernet RJ-45 connector will allow for secure use at work or in the motel room. The low price makes it an attractive option for those companies that need to outfit a lot of workers with portable computers.Summary: A really good budget laptop, with decent speed for students and professionals. Highly recommended if you won’t be doing a lot of gaming or graphics.See below for more detailed information:———————–HDD Benchmarks:Peak 4K Random Write Speed 1.25 MB/s (average)Peak Sequential Read Speed 92 MB/s (average)Peak 4K Random Mixed IO Speed 0.13 (not so good)Peak Sequential Mixed IO Speed 72.4 (not so good)Computer Benchmarks (NovaBench):These tests were done while the device was plugged in.RAM MB/second: 3477CPU Floating Point Operations/Second: 43096210CPU Integer Operations/second 73838078CPU MDS Hashes generated /second: 505059Graphics 3D Frames / Second: 81HDD Primary Partition write speed: 51Mb / secondLikes:+ The touchpad supports windows 8 swipe capabilities. I found that most of them worked, although I could not get the swipe down to close apps from the touchpad.+ 15 pin VGA port as well as HDMI output.+ 1 USB 3 and 2 USB 2. The higher speed USB 3 is very useful.+ Single port for headphones/mike.+ ASUS Smart Gesture – allows three finger move by pages, or to show…

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