Park Zone PZ-1600 Precision Parking Aid

Park Zone PZ-1600 Precision Parking Aid

Park-Zone provides a solution for parking in crowded garages or for people who have difficulty with depth perception. The product installs with just 4 supplied screws. You park your vehicle in the desired location inside the garage, press the button on the top of the unit, and the system is ready. Park Zone will tell you when your vehicle is about 8 feet from the wall by illuminating a yellow light. When you reach the desired distance, the red light visually indicates that it’s time to stop.

Product Features

  • Allows precision parking every time
  • Installs with a quick 4-screw process
  • Simple-to-understand traffic light design
  • Auto on/off switch senses vehicle movement
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included)

3 thoughts on “Park Zone PZ-1600 Precision Parking Aid

  1. JJS "SiestaKey1"
    JJS "SiestaKey1" says:

    Easy installation and it works VERY WELL! 0

  2. ZeroSeVen


  3. throclay "throclay"
    throclay "throclay" says:

    Park Zone does the trick! 0

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