Colorful Luminous Lovers’ Cushion Plush Toy Pillow Dog

Colorful Luminous Lovers Cushion Plush Toy Pillow Dog Description: Features: Stuffed Plush Item Type: Animal Dog Color: White- Beige Cartoon Toy Type: Cushion / Pillow Size: 75 * 55 cm Filled Material: Cotton Power: 3*AA Battery(Not included) Method Of Application: Unzip the zipper; Put batteries into it; Press on the key pad power switch; Put back the battery holder into the dog. Method Of Cleaning: Cleaning the body with a damp cloth- then dry it in the sun; Dont put the dog into water; It would cause broken of electricity- please dont take out the inner material. The lights that emitted from the lovely dog could just dispel loneliness and worry. It could also pacify every irritable mind. Above all- everyone needs it to feel safe and warm.

Product Features

  • Package includes one item

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