Asus X551CA 15.6-Inch Laptop (1.5 GHz Intel Celeron 1007U, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 8)

Asus X551CA 15.6-Inch Laptop (1.5 GHz Intel Celeron 1007U, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 8)

ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L Laptop—15.6″ display: Typical 1366 x 768 HD resolution/Intel® Celeron® processor 1007U: Entry-level single-core processor for general e-mail, Internet and productivity tasks/4GB system memory for basic multitasking: Adequate high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once/500GB hard drive for serviceable file storage space: Holds your growing collection of digital photos, music and videos. /Basic UMA graphics: Unified Memory Architecture shares the total system memory with the processor./Built-in Altec Lansing stereo speakers/Weighs 4.75 lbs. and measures 1.2″ thin/4-cell battery./Bluetooth interface syncs with compatible devices/1 USB 3.0 port maximizes the latest high-speed devices/HDMI output expands your viewing options/Built-in media reader for simple photo transfer/Wireless and wired network connectivity/Microsoft Windows 8 operating system/Built-in 1.0MP webcam with microphone/Island-style keyboard with chiclet keys/Additional ports/Note: This laptop does not include a built-in DVD/CD drive.

Product Features

  • Built-in 1.0MP webcam with microphone / High-speed Wireless LAN
  • 15.6″ Display 1366 x 768 HD resolution & Energy-efficient LED backlight.
  • 4GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive / NO Optical Drive
  • Windows 8 operating system
  • Intel Celeron Processor 1007U

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  1. GC

    5stars if priced at $259 or under. Must read for the wallet conscious buyer. -3 stars If 3rd party seller increase price $299 This Asus x551ca’s price has been going up and down like a yoyo for the past couple of week between $250 – $299. I’d also want to note that this item is sold/shipped by a 3rd party seller not Please don’t buy this if priced over $259, as its being price gouged.This model: x550s is is from the budget line non-touch 15″ category by Asus. You maybe asking your self, “what can I get from this $250 notebook” “is it enough for my needs” “Am I wasting my time reading this lousy review?”To give you guys an idea what type of user experience to expect from this machine, ive made this table below. rating goes form: Excellent>Average>Poor<><>Expected Performance Meter<><><>ENTERTAINMENT<>[Poor] PC Gaming or [Poor to Average] Minecraft, Microsoft Store games, Facebook Gaming[Average] Social Media surfing (Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin)[Poor] Video Chatting (Skype)[Average] Streaming Shows HD (Netlfix,Youtube,Hulu,iTunes)[Average] Music Library (iTunes,Amazon MP3,Lastfm,Spotify)<>PRODUCTIVITY<>[Average] MS Office Suite[Average] TurboTax, Quickbooks[Average] Education Free Courses (from basic algebra at Udacity to Advanced MIT’s Open Courseware)<>EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY<>[POOR] Music Creation (create music recodings, Audacity)[POOR Photoshop editing (Photoshop Elements)[POOR] Video Editing (Sony Vegas/MovieStudio, Adobe Premier)[POOR Website development (Adobe Dreamweaver CS3)This product line has been in the market since summer 2013, its backbone is being ran by an entry level CPU, Celeron1007U which is a processor based on IvyBridge early 2013. [CPU Passmark Score: 1642]Although it competes against other processors such as AMD E sieres or AMD A4-1200 at the same sub $320 15″ budget notbook market, this Intel Celeron1007U is +40% [CPU Passmark Score: 1642] > AMD E, A4 series [CPU Passmark Score: 650-750]. Keep that in mind…Asus has improved their overall product with this X551 series entry level notebooks. Unlike other manufactures this budget notebook does not feel as cheap as the competition. Its of course still made out of plastic but imo it still has a very good sturdy feel to it.Its missing an Optical Drive, although you could buy your own external usb disc drive here at amazon for less than $30 if you really need it. Preinstalled with windows 8 and not 8.1, so when you decide to get the free Windows 8.1 upgrade at MS store, expect 2.5hr upgrade time duration. Another Con is the webcam because it has a low quality picture during video calls. If web video calls / Skype is important to you, I strongly suggest to stop reading here and look at another product. Again this is an entry priced notebooks so sometimes companies will try to cut some corners to keep the prices down and for this model, its the camera not having HD resolution.Luckily decided not to cut corners on critical components such as the RAM and Memory. At 4GM Ram +500 Hard Drive space its good to see no cutting corners here. But sadly this notebook is not Ram upgradable, 4GB is its max capacity. (unconfirmed)THe keyboard layout is slightly narrow, raised but has a clicking noise. especially the space bar.THe Trackpad’s surface perimeter is much wider. Its supports multi gestures, thus the reason for the large trackpad design says Asus. I myself would make multiple errors because my palm would accidentally rest on the trackpad while navigating. A little frustrating at first but you do get used to it after a few uses.There’s nothing special on the display panel, just your regular budget TN panel at 720p resolution range. The notebook could run hot if pushed to the limits, which is easy to addition I’ll also share with you guys some of my favorite picks for 2014 Amazon laptops. I made this list when I was researching which notebook to buy but decided to keep updating it :)I also got some tips and tricks in regards to setting up Windows 8.Installing 8.1 , etc.thanks for reading and goodluck with your search for your perfect wallet friendly versatile notebook.(pls thumbs up, I put a lot of hours making compiling this review. ty:-)==CONTENTS==1) Alternative Options2) TOP 3 ($280-$399)-(11.6″-14″Touch between (3.7-2.6 lbs)3) TOP 2 ($399 – $499)-(14″Touch between (4.7lbs-5.6lbs)4) TOP 2 ($500-$800)-(15″Touch between (4.8 Ibs – 5.6 lbs or higher)5) Windows 8.1 Tips & Computing Safety between==Alternative Options==I was doing my research my goal was to find the value laptop without hurting my wallet, I continue to update and filter through the entire amazon laptop list! YES indeed! I’ve done the hard work of searching for the best performing, best priced, that best fit…

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