Maverick A0-01 BBQ Accessory Organizer

The perfect gift for the aspiring grill chef in your family, or for yourself. Grilling like a pro means having everything at hand so you won’t miss a beat. Our accessory organizer is made of steel construction for strength and the large 3-1/2-Inch clamp secures the holder to any grill or table. The stand has four double-sided hooks for hanging all your grill accessories, a paper towel holder for easy clean-up of spills, and a shelf that not only holds food, spices and cooking gadgets, but doubles as a cover against the weather for your paper towel holder. Your sure to appreciate the convenience and design of this superior organizer.

Product Features

  • The BBQ Accessory Organizer will have you cooking like a pro with all your accessories grill-side and close at hand
  • Features four double-sided hooks for holding your most important barbecue tools
  • Includes a mounted paper towel holder, a must-have when grilling up your favorite messy sauce or marinated recipes
  • Attached shelf to hold spices, food, and all your cooking gadgets; shelf also functions as a cover for the paper towels against the weather
  • Large 3-1/2-Inch screw clamp mounts to any grill or table; made of painted steel for strength and durability

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