Facial-Flex Facial Exercise System

Facial-Flex Facial Exercise System

Facial-Flex Ultra System includes:
One Facial-Flex Ultra unit
6-month supply of Resistance Bands
(6 oz. & 8 oz.)
Discrete carrying case
Instructional DVD
Advanced Renewal ComplexTM (.5 oz.)
Progress chart
Clinical background
1-year warranty

Product Features

  • Includes facial-flex ultra device made with surgical stainless steel and space-age material for years of durability
  • Proven way to tone and condition the underlying muscles of the face, chin and neck to lift your face without surgery
  • Independent research studies have Proven to increase muscle strength by 250%, skin elasticity by 32.5% and circulation by 10%
  • Convenient and portable, registered medical product
  • Significant results within 60 days

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