[4550mAh Tested Capacity] Gorilla Gadgets 4500mAh Extended Life Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 with NFC + Black Back Cover for Smartphones and other electronic devices

[4550mAh Tested Capacity] Gorilla Gadgets 4500mAh Extended Life Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 with NFC + Black Back Cover for Smartphones and other electronic devices

About Gorilla Gadgets

Since Gorilla Gadgets started designing and engineering in California in 2010, the Gorilla Gadgets brand has become synonymous with powerful performance. The core success factors are innovative strength, quality of products, and pace of innovation. Gorilla Gadgets is everyone’s go-to brand for powered gadgets that will become life companions. Gorilla Gadgets is best known for their revolutionary state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. The smartphone battery division of Gorilla Gadgets continues to be a pioneer and a market leader for extended-life batteries and battery accessories.

Gorilla Gadgets 4500mAh Samsung Galaxy S III Extended Life Battery:

Sick and tired of charging your phone several times a day? Stay connected with your family and friends by getting extra battery power today! The Gorilla Gadgets 4500 mAh Samsung Galaxy S III Extended Life Battery gives you the power to explore more with your phone. Get extended battery life for surfing the internet, playing videos, games, operating Bluetooth and playing music. Don’t let your current battery life limit you. No longer will you have to worry about charging your phone half way through the day wtih our Gorilla Gadgets 4500mAh Samsung Galaxy S III Extended Life Battery!

Why the Gorilla?

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Product Features

  • Delivers 4550mAh out of claimed 4500mAh (Refer battery capacity testing chart in product photos for details)
  • Highest tested S3 extended battery capacity (Refer battery capacity testing chart in product photos for details)
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology Enabled
  • Made from high quality Li-Ion cells and replacement back cover
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3 from all major US carriers

3 thoughts on “[4550mAh Tested Capacity] Gorilla Gadgets 4500mAh Extended Life Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 with NFC + Black Back Cover for Smartphones and other electronic devices

  1. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Excellent battery – NFC works well. 0

  2. Peter

    Save yourself Time and MONEY, READ ME! Ok, so I finally upgraded my S1 and got 2 S3’s in mint condition as the owners were switching carriers upgrading to S4. One S3 was 6 months old and the other just a month old. Came with an otter case and a Seidio case. So the stock OEM battery just didn’t cut it. The Seidio case one came with seemed like a great case. A two piece plastic cover with a rubber cover with another plastic cover and holster but stock battery. Took forever to take off to swap out the dead oem batter with another. I didn’t do much research but I did see a lot of the cases which recharge the stock battery and since I was impressed with the Seidio case it came with, I got that recharger setup from Seidio. Well, it was junk! The micro usb charge jacks come loose, drop it and your cell pops out hitting the floor. The cover made pressing the volume and on buttons difficuilt. The audio port requires a thin small audio jack. Seidios expensive and the recharge feature is junk, performance is dismal at best and made the cell almost 1/2 longer! Better off with just a big extended battery is what I thought. So I spent reading every review on all the extended batteries, covers , cases and well you name it so here goes. THE BATTERY:I ordered two Gorillas 4500 mah batteries in white and pebble blue on sale at $22 each. The battery easily lasts 2 days of heavy use, THIS IS THE BEST EXTENDED BATTERY PERIOD! Forget the rest, even if it says it has more mahs, it doesn’t, there is no way to squeeze more lithium power in the same package. My second choice would have been a Laza battery, Price, value and quality can’t be beat, but the Gorilla on sale at $22 is a no brainer,PERIOD. Third would be Hyperion battery. The Gorilla back cover although is NOT a Pebble Blue match it matches great and if you didn’t know it wasn’t the oem color blue you wouldn’t question it. Gorilla charged fast,cover fit perfect, snapped on great and no flaws, so enough with the battery and extended covers.P.S. I got them direct from Gorilla as Amazon where out of stock. Then on Gorillas site they had a 2 day sale but said “Out of Stock” I emailed them and the next morning I was contacted by them that they don’t know what happened but the web site now shows in stock. I ordered two and got them super fast. Great customer service! The CASE:I ordered two Laza cases, in White/Black and in Blue/Black. First, I don’t know where or what the reviewer on the low end is complaining about. This case is all top notch. First, it fit the Gorllia extended rear case PERFECT, snug, no loose points and I have no clue again to what the bad reviewer claims that it might pop off, insane. Its snug and can not pop off unless you maybe throw it at a wall at 50 mph! Now the rubber cover, its not rubber, rubber is hard, this is high grade silicone, soft cover with PLENTY around the screens edge to protect it from a normal fall and cushion. Next the plastic cover, again fits perfect and SNUG. it has a slight rubber coating so it won’t slip on wet or sweaty hands. The phone feels great as its not micro thin as the OEM version. The plastic cover grips the sides and corners not the top or bottom but the silicone covers it well while leaving a good opening for a normal sized audio plug and regular micro usb jack! Now someone complained about the thing line around the plastic case cover and silicone cover. This is from the molding process. Seriously, its a very thing even line and MOST silicone products have them, maybe rubber products might not but silicone is a different product and process, it cushions and protects better in my opinion. LAST the volume up/down and power buttons work perfect. They are covered by the silicone jacket and the plastic over is well enough away that you don’t have a problem pressing it and getting it to work like other products where you have to press it twice or twice as hard (SEIDIO!).LAST The Holster.I used the original SEIDIO holster that came with the cell when I purchased it. Its the smaller holster for the regular OEM cell and not the extended length holster they make for the Covert rechargeable deal. As another reviewer suggested, I used my heat gun, heated the sides and slightly pressed in the side and corners to grip it perfect. Then I heated the top spring latch to bend that a bit as well, this took some care but done right it fit perfect and less likely to pop out that the original Seidio as the latch slides over the silicone rubber which creats friction, unlike it slipping over the Seidios cell cover which is smooth plastic.I don’t care for the Seidio holster. The older ones have a thin belt latch design which tends to break. Mine is the updated one which is twice as thick as the older design but Seidios customer support is terrible and products over rated and expensive. If it where up to me I’ll find a leather large pouch that will cover my cell completely and I KNOW it…

  3. TJ

    The answer to my awful Galaxy battery 0

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