Lightphoria 10,000LUX Energy Light Lamp

Lightphoria 10,000LUX Energy Light Lamp

Bright light has been used for over a decade to alleviate symptoms associated with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), jetlag, shift work fatigue, insomnia, seasonal change and more. Light therapy offers a convenient and effective way of making up for the lack of light, without the need of medication. Lightphoria light therapy lamp uses very bright lights up to 10,000 lux to simulate natural sunlight whilst eliminating the dangerous UV rays. Place it 12-24 inches away from you while you read, watch TV, and work on your computer. 20-30 minutes each morning is all it takes to significantly improve energy levels and regulate sleep patterns. The compact design offers a tilt-back stand, programmable timer, and intensity level settings. The lightphoria is small enough for you to bring conveniently on trips. Provides soothing glare free, flicker free light that will make you feel refreshed and awake. Comes with a nylon travel pouch. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 1 year warranty provided by sphere gadget technologies USA.

Product Features

  • Portable SAD light system emits 10,000 lux wide-spectrum light
  • Provides natural soothing glow; mimicking real sunlight
  • Selectable intensity levels – LOW (5,000 lux), MEDIUM (8,000 lux), HIGH (10,000 lux) and programable 15, 30, 45 minute timer
  • 72 Energy-efficient LEDs consumes only 7.2 watts and is rated for more than 20 years
  • Sleek and compact lightweight design perfect for travel. 110v-240v worldwide-compatible AC adapter included

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