Nintendogs Lab & Friends

Nintendogs Lab & Friends

Nintendogs: Lab & Friends for Nintendo DS
With Nintendogs, you can put a puppy inside your Nintendo DS. Pick from multiple breeds, ranging from Labradors to Chihuahuas, and then take care for and train the puppy using the touch screen and microphone. If you train your puppy well enough, you can compete in dog shows and agility contests to unlockother items and puppy breeds.
*Pick from more than 15 of the most popular dog breeds, including Labradors, Chihuahuas, beagles andmore, then care for and train the puppy using thetouch screen and microphone.
* Pet the pup, acquire and play with more than 100 items like tennis balls, flying discs and even clothing accessories. Teach your dog to do tricks by creating your own personalized voice commands.
* Train your pups well and compete in obedience and agility trials. Win these competitions to earn cash, which you can use to buy supplies and even more dogs to keep your first puppy company.
* Walk puppies aroundthe town to meet neighborhood dogs or interact wirelessly with friends’ Nintendogs using the innovative Bark Mode.
* Players care for and train their puppy by petting it, walking it and buying it supplies to play with. As a puppy competes in obedience and agility trials, owners can win money to purchase other puppy breeds.

Nintendogs Lab & Friends is an animal simulation where you can raise one or more adorable puppies and play with them to your heart’s content. Teach your pups new tricks. Just speak into the system’s microphone and they’ll respond to the voice commands you’ve taught them, then use the DS touch screen to play with your puppy. Breeds available in the game include Labrador retriever, miniature schnauzer, toy poodle, Pembroke Welsh corgi, miniature pinscher and shiba inu.
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Your Lab puppy getting frisky in Nintendogs Lab & Friends
6 pups to love and care for.
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Nintendogs Lab & Friends game logo

In Nintendogs Lab & Friends owners purchase one of the six breeds available at the beginning of Nintendogs, then start spending time with their pups. They throw flying discs and balls to improve the pup’s agility, bathe it when it gets dirty and repeat voice commands to train the dog to do tricks. If owners train it well enough, they will excel in obedience and agility trials and disc competitions, which will earn money that they can use to buy other supplies and puppy breeds. When owners earn enough cash, they can buy even more puppies to live with their original pup.

Key Game Features

  • Visit the kennel and select a puppy from some of the most popular breeds, including Labs, Chihuahuas, dachshunds and more, then care for and train the puppy using the touch screen and microphone.
  • Pet the pup, acquire and play with more than 100 items like tennis balls, flying discs and even clothing accessories. Owners teach their dogs to do tricks by creating their own personalized voice commands.
  • Owners who train their pups well can compete in obedience and agility trials. They win these competitions to earn cash, which they can use to buy supplies and even more dogs to keep their first puppy company.
  • Owners can set the DS to Bark Mode, then take it with them as they head out into the real world. The DS will bark to let them know when another Nintendogs owner is in range and ready to meet.


Your lab sharing a meal with a friend in Nintendogs Lab & Friends
Feed your pup.
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Using the Ds stylus to give your Lab bath in Nintendogs Lab & Friends
bathe and care for him.
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Dog wearing a hat in Nintendogs Lab & Friends
Win cash for in-game gear.
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Puppy trying to give you a present in Nintendogs Lab & Friends
Make a connection.
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Product Features

  • More than 100 items like tennis balls, flying discs and even clothing accessories.
  • Choose from a wide range of pets – Labrador Retriever, Miniature Schnauzer, Toy Poodle, Pembroke Welsh corgi, Miniature Pinscher and Shiba Inu.
  • Socialize your pups by walking them around town, where they’ll meet neighborhood dogs — and maybe even find new toys.
  • Walk it, buy the right supplies and work with your puppy to increase its stamina.
  • As a puppy competes in obedience and agility trials where owners can win money to purchase other puppy breeds.

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    It’s so real! 0

  3. Anonymous

    100 out of 100! The best nintendo game yet Hey there,I got this game (with a ds) for Christmas- and I love it!First, you choose your dog. Whenyou’re at the kennal, in case if there isn’t a specialcolor you want, go back to choosing your dog,and keep going back to the breed you want until you get whatgender and color you want.Then, you take your cute puppy home.They say that you have to wait for your puppy toget used to its new home.In case if it doesn’t settle down after a while; give itlove and pet it for a bit.Then, it’ll calm down. Once it has, you have to pronounceits new name loud and clearly.Some dogs learn fast, therefore it wont be hard to trainthem. Some puppies take a lot of patience to train. Whenyou buy your new puppy, it’ll say what the puppy’s like.Your puppy’s name can only have seven letters. Shame, I wantedto call mine butterscotch!After your puppy has learned it’s new name, time to trainit sit. Again, it might take a while to train your puppy.When it has learned sit, it’ll be time to go to the store.You’ll need to buy food, water, shampoo, a brush and a collar.In case if you don’t know if your puppy is a short-hairor long-hair; when you’re at home you can click on it’s nameand it’ll tell you. It’ll also say how dirty or hungry it is.If you don’t have much money, take your puppy out on a walk tothe discount shop. Everything’s cheaper there. When you’redrawing the rout you want to take, go ontop of the questionmarks- they could be other dogs or presents. If you findpresents you don’t want, you can sell it at the discount shop.When you’re out on walks, you must obey the law and pick uppoop. Disgusting, I know. Tap on the poop to pick it up.If you find presents on the floor, grab you puppy’s leashand drag it to the item. When you meet other dogs, drag yourpuppy’s leash towards the other puppy.After you’ve been on your walk, your puppy’s probably thirsty.To keep them healthy, give them water and dry food. If they’vewon a contest, you can treat them by giving them milk anda can of dog food.Your puppy might be dirty. Take a look for yourself.If they are, get prepared. With the shampoo you bought,scrub your puppy and soak it with suds. When the shower iconblinks, it’s time to rinse. I’m sure you know you have towash off the suds.The dirtier your dog is, the longer it’ll take to get themclean.After you’ve bathed them, it’s best to brush them to get themREALLY clean.It’s best to make them this clean if you’re entering acontest. If you want to enter them in an agility contest,take them on a walk, a half an hour later than last time, and take them to the gym. Oh yeah, the more you take them on walks,the longer you can take them. Make sure when you’re drawingthe rout to end it back at your house.So, practise makes perfect. The more you take your dogs incontests, the better they’ll get. My dogs walk all over townand they’re champions in every contest. Now, I do diagree withother reviewers about the contests. I think it’s good thatyou can only take them three times a day because that way theywont be tired out! Going in contests and selling thingsyou don’t need at the second hand shop is a good way ofmaking a little money.After such a big day, your dog will be hungry. With the foodyou bought, you must feed them when they need it.Make sure you have enough food, drink and shampoo beforeyou go out buying toys. If you’ve bought tous, it’s timeto play! After you’ve played and your puppy is happyyou can train them. Don’t train them too much, otherwisethey wont want to until the next day.The more you go into contests, the more points you’ll getand they’ll add up. Sometimes you’ll get new dogs inthe kennel.The more you play with your dog at nght, the more they’llspend the daytime sleeping.If you want another dog, you’ll have to save up a bitmore than the dog costs because you’ll have to buy more.And if you have a long-haired dog, the more expensivethings are. You can only have three dogs at home. But, youcan always let the dog hotel look after a dog or two and you can buy more. Bot I say that having more than three dogs is…

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