Zippo Black Hand Warmer

Zippo Black Hand Warmer

Zippo’s award-winning rugged all-metal hand warmer in non-reflective black finish with stamped Zippo logo. Sleekpact design fitsfortably into pocket or gloves; easily refillable with Zippo premium lighter fluid to produce constant warmth for up to 12 hours with just 0.4 ounces of fuel. Virtually oderless. The platinum -catalyzed glass fiber burner offers quick and sure lighting and produces radiant heat without the flame.Includes hand warmer warming bag and measured filling cup.

Product Features

  • Zippo’s award winning rugged all-metal with stamped Zippo logo. Sleek, compact design fits comfortably into pocket or gloves. Easily refillable with Zippo premium lighter fluid to prodcue constant warmth for up to 12 hours.

3 thoughts on “Zippo Black Hand Warmer

  1. Robert R. Cook
    Robert R. Cook says:

    Very good warmer, but get two! 0

  2. Ankur Akolia

    Handwarmer is an Understatement, This thing is a Portable Heater!!! 0

  3. Esteban A. Valle "--Don't ask what Windows ca...
    Esteban A. Valle "--Don't ask what Windows ca... says:

    Amazingly Warm and just AMAZING I’ve read most of, if not all, of the Amazon reviews on this product. I’ve also read most of the reviews from other websites and magazines. I decided to purchase this warmer because I am a cheap person. I don’t like disposable things, especially expensive disposable, wasteful hand warmers. I was a little bit hesitant about taking every thing I read at face value. Well, upon receiving it, this hand warmer has exceeded my expectations in every way that I’ve read.First off, I’ve read countless times that this hand warmer is so hot that without the bag, it is impossible to hold because it is so hot. TRUE. Right out of the box I was skeptical because it wasn’t running very hot. The instructions say to run the first cycle with twice the measured fuel. Well I guess it took about three use cycles to break in the catalytic burner head, because now all of my skepticism is completely gone because this thing runs HOT. When you leave it out of its little baggy (for a couple of minutes to let it warm up to the increased Oxygen) it is very uncomfortable to place against any part of your body or face. Just like touching a hot pan. You can only hold it in your hand for about 5 seconds before you have to drop it. Unfortunately, when you put it in its little baggy, it barely feels warm. Again, I was originally skeptical about this claim, and I was anticipating that the reports were exaggerated or posted by people with low tolerances for heat. I have a pretty high spot tolerance for heat, and I am still suffering from the immense heat of this warmer. This also won’t happen on the first light-up, like I assume most negative reviewers assumed. It will take probably about 30 hours of continuous burning before the catalytic head is broken in, and then every time you light it up afterwards, it will heat up to this temperature in very little time. Less than five minutes. If you leave the warmer out of baggy for about an hour, then it will be completely intolerable to touch. You can’t even pick it up without your brain immediately telling your fingers to let go as a natural reflex.Fortunately, when you place it in a pocket, without the bag, it is exposed to limited oxygen so it burns at the exact perfect temperature. Still very hot to the touch, and your friends will be impressed at how much hotter it is than those heavy disposable things. But it is also not to hot that you can’t hold it in your hand indefinitely. For most of the time you’re using this device, it will be inside an article of clothing like a jacket pocket, shirt pocket (this is the winner here) or even glove (kind of bulky but it gets the job done). This keeps it at the perfect temperature. No need to worry about it being too hot or too cold.It is also impressive how long this hand warmer lasts on a single filling. Obviously, the less oxygen it gets, the longer it lasts on a single filling. I haven’t done any timing specifically, but I can tell you that when I fill it up (I don’t use that plastic cup, I just fill the thing directly until it looks like the rayon batting is saturated) it lasts for about a full day. Using the cup at full, I typically will get well over 12 hours. Probably around 15 hours. In case you were wondering, the whole bottom of the hand warmer is NOT the fuel container. It is actually a much smaller reservoir that is simply set inside very tightly. It is not removable without special tools as I believe there is some heat resistant adhesive holding it in place. The actual fuel reserve is probably about 2-3x the size of a simple zippo lighter’s reserve.The lighter does have a pretty strong petroleum smell that can be smelled within about 6″ of the lighter. This is amplified by putting it in the little baggy, which I assume holds the odor like a sponge. Without the bag the smell is only about 2″ away from the lighter. If it’s inside of a pocket of a jacket, I’m sure it won’t be a problem for most casual hunters or bird watchers.Yes, lighting this warmer can be difficult. Not actually difficult, but just time-consuming. I usually hold it upside down over my Zippo for ten seconds even. This almost universally gets it going. I’ve found that the longer you leave the lighter on, the faster the warmer will heat up because you get more of the burner head catalyzing. A good solid rule of thumb is that if you actually light up the burner so long that it has its own self sustaining flame, put out the flame and you’re good to go. You don’t actually need to see the flame to get it going, however, and I’m not sure of the consequences of this action as far as the health of the burner is concerned. After you use the burner for a while, it gets easier to light up, so again, don’t be dissuaded by the first lighting attempt. Another thing, if the warmer is really cold it sometimes helps to hold the whole bottom half of the warmer over the flame for ten to twenty seconds to warm it up. This burner relies on…

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