JAZ Innovations Oven Rack Guard

JAZ Innovations Oven Rack Guard

The Oven Rack Guard offers real protection against burns from the accidental touching or brushing against hot oven racks! Made from fabric first developed for firefighters, the Oven Rack Guard protects by slowing the heat transfer from metal oven racks to your skin.

Product Features

  • Safe up to 500° F
  • Snaps allow for easy installation and removal
  • Able to remain in the oven between uses
  • Machine washable
  • Receive two guards per purchase

3 thoughts on “JAZ Innovations Oven Rack Guard

  1. G. Ovenden "Pepper"
    G. Ovenden "Pepper" says:

    No oven should go without one! 0

  2. Pera "Publisher"
    Pera "Publisher" says:

    Wish I’d known about these years ago… 0

  3. Ilisia Kissner
    Ilisia Kissner says:

    Oven Rack Guard OK 0

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