Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder with 4 GB Micro SD

Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder with 4 GB Micro SD

The Muvi Pro is the perfect micro sized digital video camera for capturing timestamped evidence either in covert situations or for security purposes. Do you have anti social behaviour problems ? Are you constantly being knocked off your bike? Are you a doorman, police officer, traffic warden. The Muvi Pro is perfect for you. The MUVI unique micro design enables digital video recording in situations where it may not be possible to use standard camcorders. Coupled with the extreme sports mounting kit the muvi will allow the user to capture high quality digital video and sound footage hands free. In noise activation mode you needn’t be in the same room to start recording. It makes a perfect nanny cam or spycam while you are out of the house. With its robust thumb sized alloy metal casing you needn’t worry about your Veho Muvi Pro. It features a 2 Mega Pixel lens and records in AVI format. Its the smallest in the world of its kind. The Veho Muvi Pro comes with a 4 gB Micro SD Card, that’s enough for 3 hours footage, and with a built in rechargeable battery life of 2 hours, you’ll never miss a thing. Easily connects to your computer via Micro USB, so you can upload your videos in seconds. It also charges through any USB giving complete portability.

Product Features

  • Contents:
    VCC-003-Pro Muvi Micro Camcorder , 4GB Micro SD Card, USB cable, Spring mounting clip, Neck chain, Carrying pouch, Webcam software, Users manual
  • Voice activated start stop
  • Universal Clip
  • Includes 4GB micro SD (up to 8GB MSDHC compatible) to record up to 90 minutes footage.
  • Permanent Date & Timestamp on Video Footage
  • Frame Rate Enhancement software upgrade for 30 frames per second
  • Includes rechargeable battery for up to 90 minutes continuous operation.
  • Standby mode with noise activation.

3 thoughts on “Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder with 4 GB Micro SD

  1. Mark Parker "lawman"
    Mark Parker "lawman" says:

    Great camera 0

  2. D. E. Latson "Darrell"
    D. E. Latson "Darrell" says:

    TEST RIDE! 0

  3. Bob Tobias "Robert Tobias"
    Bob Tobias "Robert Tobias" says:

    Pretty much worthless if you want to record sound with your videos 0

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