Gadgets Electronic Piano Gloves with Multi Music Mode

Gadgets Electronic Piano Gloves with Multi Music Mode

* Transmitter size: 3.59×3.55×1.68inch                                                      
* Glove size: 8.47×5.91×0.591inch                                                           
* Cable length of glove & transmitter: 37.4″                                                
* Power supply: 4 AAA batteries(included)                                                   

* Each fingertip plays a different note                                                     
* 8 different musical instrument tones                                                      
* 20 distinct background rhythms                                                            
* Demo mode with six pre-recorded songs: row, row, row your boat, you are my sunshine and
four more tunes…                                                                          

Product Features

  • The product is a Electronic Piano Gloves with Multi Music Mode, it has piano, bass, violin, trumpet music instrument tones and 20 kinds of built-in rhythms for choice. It is a nice tool for party

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