Professional Acoustic and Electric Guitar Tuner Easy to USE

Professional Acoustic and Electric Guitar Tuner Easy to USE

T85 GB professional chromatic guitar tuner, ships from NC, USA.

Basic instructions

To tune a guitar (6 strings acoustic, electric, etc… but NOT BASS), select option G (for guitar). it will automatically detect the string note you are playing.
to tune a BASS guitar, select B
to tune a 12 string guitar, or a 9 string or 11 string or 12 string Lute (greek, egyptian or turkish lute-guitar) or to tune a bouzouki or other instrument, select option C (C= chromatic, means all notes will be manually set not automatically detected).


  • Large LCD display
  • 360 degree rotatable clip
  • Multi-function
  • Can be used in noisy places
  • One pick for free
  • battery included inside the user manual (folded in the back of the packaging)
  • Each unit is manually tested before being shipped to you.
  • Features:

  • Ultra large and super bright backlight LCD display provides excellent visibility.
  • 360°rotatable clip, adjust at your suitable angle, simple and practical.
  • Tuner with high sensitivity, more accurate, precise, convenient and rapid
  • Can avoid erroneous detection,can be used in noisy places.
  • Ingeniously designed is a pick holder on the back of the tuner, comes with a small pick
  • Multi-function,chromatic and can be used for all types of 6 stringed guitars and chromatic usage for other types of instruments as well
  • This item ships by 1st class mail from NC, USA by USPS with delivery confirmation number !!!!!
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