Spy Gadget (fireman red) Tool – Coolest item on Amazon!

Spy Gadget (fireman red) Tool – Coolest item on Amazon!

Miniature Spy Scope

This compact spy scope is miniature but ‘very’ powerful
With this gear you can zero in a vehicle license plate from two blocks away and able to clearly read all the letters
The optics system is constructed of double optical prism which reduces its size significantly to fit in the palm of you hand
The exterior frame is made of tough and feather-weight metallic alloy
The minimum distance is 3 meters, perfect example for this, is the ability to read a bar code of a box on top of a tall warehouse shelf
This spy scope utilizes advance optics system which increases brightness by 10 -20% when used at night
This item can be used indoor or outdoor and easy to operate
Approximate dimension: 3″ x 1 3/4″ x 1 1/2″
Approximate weight: 1.76 oz
Satisfaction Guarantee: ‘If you’re not impressed with this item, we’ll buy it back!’

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