iKlear Screen IK-IPAD Cleaning Kit for iPad/iPhone – Retail Packaging

iKlear Screen IK-IPAD Cleaning Kit for iPad/iPhone – Retail Packaging

The iKlear 2 oz. iPad & iPhone Cleaning Kit cleans and preserves iPad & iPhone Screen Protectors, Apple’s Oleo phobic coated surfaces and all Aluminum & Acrylic electronic enclosures. The exclusive iKlear formula and DMT microfiber cloth helps remove bacteria, while safely cleaning smudges and oily fingerprints from your Apple Retina and Multi-Touch displays. It produces a renewable, anti-static finish, which resists fingerprints and reduces the attraction of dust and other air particulates. Travel singles are a simple, convenient alternative to our spray formula. The Wet/Dry pouches easily tuck away in a shirt pocket or backpack, ready to clean your electronic devices…whenever you desire. ANTI-STATIC, ALCOHOL, AMMONIA & SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE FREE. Meridrew has always been the industry leader in High Performance Screen Cleaning Technology. The secret to Meridrew’s success has been our exclusive, alcohol and ammonia-free, environmentally friendly and non-toxic formula. We were the first company to introduce an alcohol and ammonia free product that safely cleans and preserves LCDs, CDs, and DVDs. We developed the first line of Apple and iPod cleaning products exclusively for Apple Computers called iKlear Apple Polish. The Company Store, at Apple Computer Headquarters in Cupertino, CA, was our first Klear Screen customer. The Company Store, at Apple Computer has used, sold, and recommended our products continuously for the last 14 years. Soon to follow were Sony Corporation of America and Fry’s Electronics. It is particularly gratifying that the Apple Retail Stores with more than 150 locations worldwide and Fry’s Electronics with 33 Stores in the USA are our largest and oldest customers.

Product Features

  • Contains 2 oz. iKlear pump spray 100% non-toxic cleaning fluid
  • Exclusive anti-microbial DMT cleaning cloth removes 99.0% of germs
  • Plus spill proof Travel Singles for cleaning on the go
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • No alcohol or ammonia
  • fashion
  • great accessory
  • sound

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