Portamate PM-1300 Drill Bit Set, 300-Pack

Portamate PM-1300 Drill Bit Set, 300-Pack

Portamte PM-1300 300 piece drill bit set is a must have for Carpenters, Do it Yourselfers, Handyman, Professional, Tradesman and anyone that uses a drill to get the project done. All the drill bits you need for most home projects. Complete any drilling project: wood, steel, aluminum, plastic and masonry. All you need for most indoor/outdoor home projects. Tackle any drilling project: wood, metal, plastic and masonry. Innovative, heavy duty 3 compartment storage with Two Removable Drawers. High quality molding with each Accessory having its own Clearly Marked and Precise Location.

Product Features

  • 116 High Speed Steel Drill Bits
  • 24 Carbide-tip masonry drill bits
  • 42 Woodworking drill bits
  • 5-Piece Hole Saw Set
  • 88 Screwdriver Bits, 10 Nut Drivers and 15 additional accessories

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