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  1. Chief

    Perfect Bag for My Micro 4/3rd System Camera 0

  2. DWPC

    For $25, it’ll do 0

  3. M. Kooiman "nerdette"
    M. Kooiman "nerdette" says:

    Not enough protection for my gear but okay for the beginning photographer As a photographer with Nikon and Canon systems and the owner of Lowe Pro and Tamrac camera bags, I was looking forward to testing the Amazon basics camera bag. I was interested to see if this bag could be used to replace my larger packs for situations when I didn’t need to have all my gear with me – a big camera bag is a heavy one, and a smaller bag could be a nice addition to my gear.First, a little about the bag itself. The construction of the case earns mixed remarks. The zippers on all the pouches work smoothly and the squeeze clips on the top secure the bag very well. I liked how the all weather cover attached to the actual top of the bag with Velcro instead of being permanently attached. This allows the cover to wrap over the connection between the top and the body of the bag to maximize protection to the bag’s contents, while allowing the user to zip the top in place without having to reach beneath that protective flap.Three exterior pockets on the sides and front of the bag provide space to store batteries, lens cleaning supplies and extra media cards. There is also a pocket in the inside lid of the bag. This is standard for all camera bags.The interior is a bright orange. I guess this makes you more visible in the woods so some hunter doesn’t shoot you, but realistically speaking you don’t walk around with your camera bag open so it wouldn’t be visible anyway. The color is definitely bright but from a user standpoint that doesn’t make much difference.Of greater concern to me was the material covering the interior, which was a soft textured felt material. You’ll find this same material lining lens cases so its use here is not unprecedented. However, the camera bag gets a lot more use outdoors and is subjected to dirt and grime from the elements than a lens case would be. My concern is that this fabric will get dirty more easily and will be more difficult to clean than the vinyl surfaces in my other camera bags.The interior dividers are held in place with Velcro, allowing you to configure the interior to fit the needs of your gear. That’s pretty much standard for camera bags. The Amazon basics bag uses very cheap materials to hold the dividers in place. Likewise I was not impressed with the padding in the walls of the case and the dividers. I didn’t feel the padding provided as much protection as my other bags did. If I were going to do a shoot in an environment where I thought the bag might get bumped around I’d probably be a little concerned about that.The camera comes with a strap that connects securely to the bag. I didn’t think much of the shoulder padding on the strap, which was thin and stiff. This is a smaller bag which means it will weigh less and put less stress on the shoulder; however, I can tell you from experience that carrying around a camera bag for several hours at a time can put a lot of stress on the shoulder and the strap on this bag won’t do you any favors along these lines.I tested the bag first with my Canon equipment, which is smaller than the Nikon gear. I was able to fit the Rebel 4Ti camera with kit lens, an external flash unit, a long zoom, an ultra wide angle and a small 50mm lens into the bag.This was really over-packed though and I wouldn’t trust the bag to protect my gear when it was loaded this way. Realistically, if you wanted to haul that much equipment you’d probably be using a bigger bag that offers better protection anyway, so my test here was a bit extreme. If you carried a Canon camera body and one or two additional lenses, I think you’d find they fit very well in this bag.I then tried to put the Nikon D300 with a small 35mm lens into the bag and that didn’t work so well. The Nikon body is wider than the bag’s interior. If I wanted to use this bag to carry my Nikon equipment I would have to put the camera into the bag lengthwise, which would reduce the available space for additional gear immensely. If you have a Nikon with one extra lens, that wouln’t be a problem. Much more than that and I think you’ll run out of room.So here’s the bottom line.This bag would be a reasonable choice for someone with one DSLR, by itself or with an extra lens or two, as long as they’re not taking the camera into more rugged shooting situations. Are you buying a bag as a gift for someone with a camera and a lens who uses the equipment to shoot pictures of the kids at ballgames or other family activities? This isn’t a bad choice and it’s cheaper than the better known brands. Just warn them not to drop the bag because it doesn’t give a lot of protection.One suggestion – if you buy this bag, get some foam padding and put them in the pockets on the front and sides of the bag. Chances are you…

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