The Running Man (Special Edition)

The Running Man (Special Edition)

In this action thriller based on an early story by Stephen King, Los Angeles in the year 2017 has become a police state in the wake of the global economy’s total collapse. All forms of entertainment are government controlled, and the most popular show on television is an elaborate game show in which convicted criminals are given a chance to escape by running through a gauntlet of brutal killers known as “Stalkers.” Anyone who survives is given their freedom and a condominium in Hawaii, so when a wrongly accused citizen (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is chosen as a contestant, all hell breaks loose. Cheesy sets and a slimy role for game-show host Richard Dawson make this violent mess of mayhem a candidate for guilty pleasure; it is the kind of movie that truly devoted Arnold fans will want to watch more than once. And check those credits–choreography by Paula Abdul! “–Jeff Shannon”

3 thoughts on “The Running Man (Special Edition)

  1. Barron Laycock "Labradorman"
    Barron Laycock "Labradorman" says:

    Well-Filmed Sci-Fi Adventure Movie! 0

  2. Jon

    Great remaster – pathetic extras 0

  3. Kolors "Jimmy"
    Kolors "Jimmy" says:

    Does the society in this movie seem impossible? I think not. 0

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