Men’s Journal

Men’s Journal

Men’s Journal is a highly entertaining reads that delivers editorial that excites and inspires its readers to participate in an adventurous lifestyle. Each issue will keep you fully informed across a full range of subjects including travel, health and fitness, style, sports, hi-tech gadgets, music and more

3 thoughts on “Men’s Journal

  1. Sam

    Works Well On Kindle Fire Considering price and convienence, well worth it. Was a little disconcerted at first till I found the “text view” vs “page view” button. If you’re like me, one reason we enjoy print copy is because we LIKE looking at the ads. Sure, in page view mode it’s sort of a pain zooming in and out, but if it’s a good article, just switch to text. The text version also has pictures from article. Best of both worlds.

  2. Unknown

    eMagazine priced higher than Print Magazine? How in world can you charge more for the print version vs. the Kindle version? $24 for Kindle vs. $15 for print…doesnt make any sense to me.

  3. Anonymous

    To be honest, I bought this magazine for the Keith Richards interview, but I was pleasantly surprised by the overall variety of subjects and the quality of the writing. Sometimes, “men’s magazines” end up disappointing some readers because they focus a majority of their articles on sports and T & A. This magazine offers much more (i.e. travel, food, recreation, products, etc.). The articles are well written and informative. I bought the e-Kindle version, as well as a paper copy (for Keith Richards of course). The Kindle version is complete, page for page – in color. Overall, very impressive publication.

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