Lav Nav Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

Lav Nav Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

Never argue over the toilet seat again! The His and Her Motion Activated Toilet Night Light, also know as the Lav Nav, using its hi-tech infrared motion sensor, sees you approaching in the dark and instantly illuminates the toilet area with gentle color-coded lighting.
For him, if the seat is up, red lighting provides the perfect guiding light. For her, red tells her the seat is up, while green indicates the seat is down. After you leave, this Motion Activated Toilet Night Light automatically turns itself off.

Product Features

  • Adheres to the inside of your toilet seat.
  • Light turns on as you approach the toilet.
  • Illuminates green when the toilet seat is down.
  • Illuminates red when the toilet seat is up.

3 thoughts on “Lav Nav Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

  1. Zach Johnson "ZMan"
    Zach Johnson "ZMan" says:

    Simple but useful Just attach it to the lid. It stays out of the way and clean. It is very simple to replace the battery as well, but it hasn’t yet needed a replacement. Only nit would be that I’d prefer to switch the colors. Currently red means bad for girls, good for guys. In our house this device work more as a targeting agent without turning on the lights.

  2. PhoenixWeasel
    PhoenixWeasel says:

    Every toilet should have this After using this for a couple days, I can’t figure out why they’re not standard issue in toilet seats. The red and green lights are cute- even with just the red light, there is plenty of light to know if the seat is down (c’mon women, just CHECK BEFORE YOU SIT – it’s really not that hard).I know the red is supposed to be the “warning” color the seat isn’t down, but it also happens to be the best color for night time use (and black and white film darkrooms). It’s the main reason I bought it – light the bowl/room enough I can see where to go without the harshness and shocking yourself totally awake with the regular light.Also, for many bathroom layouts, this helps because often turning on a regular light will shine into the bedroom and wake the sleeping bear… I mean wife.Great for kids too – gives them something to aim at instead of the random firehose pattern.

  3. B. Arana

    Love it! This product works great! Never again do I have to hear about leaving the toilet seat up. It’s been a great gift for all the men in my family and a blessing for the women. I highly recommend this product.

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