Sound Machine – 16 Hilarious Sound Effects

WINNER OF THE GIFT OF THE YEAR 2009 – HOT NOVELTY You may feel the need for a major explosion, or the load-and-fire of a pump action shotgun. You will soon wonder how you ever managed without a perfect push-button wolf-whistle, a raspberry, or a fanfare and drum-roll on demand. Quality sound-bites in a sleek, pocket-able machine.

Product Features

  • 16 General Purpose Sound Effects
  • Applause, laughter, wah-wah, thumbs down, bomb fx, glass break, kerching till ,boing, burp and many more
  • Guaranteed mayhem
  • Perfect for use in board meetings, phone conversations, family dining, school assembly, open plan offices, public libraries and speeches.

3 thoughts on “Sound Machine – 16 Hilarious Sound Effects

  1. 916

    I don’t see how this could disappoint…. This is a fun toy, and I am an adult! I actually bought this for my husband and we both ended up loving it. I bought 3 different ones (original, cartoon, and horror) and they are all great. We brought them to a family get together and had everyone laughing. The sounds are fairly realistic sounding for the most part, and loud, considering the size. They said it would take 30 days for shipping and we got it within 2 weeks, it came from the UK. The sound buttons are not rapid fire, you have to wait for one sound to stop before you can play the next sound. Some of the 16 sounds are hard to explain, but I will try to tell you all of them since they don’t list them:-audience clap,-audience laugh,-a high-pitched trumpet from high to low “wa-wa-wa-waaaa”,-a deep buzzer like you got the answer wrong “daa doooo”,-a falling bomb and explosion,-a shot gun load and blast (the “chh-chh bang!” in the product picture),-breaking glass,-“cha-ching!”,-drum roll,-shave and a hair cut song “da-daddl-a-da-da da-da”,-“boi-yoi-yoing!”,-“ding!”,-flirty whistle “wheet-whew”,-woman scream,-fart,-and of course, burp.

  2. John Stebbins
    John Stebbins says:

    Scare the Bears We needed something to make noise while hiking in bear country. We wanted to be able to let the bears know we were coming around a blind curve on the trail and it needed to be loud enough to be heard but not so loud as to be annoying to other hikers. Clapping hands or yelling was getting kinda old.The gadget seems to fill the bill. It’s loud enough. Can’t say how durable it will be or how long the batteries will last. But for what it is, it seems good so far.Update….we’ve been using this for several months and we have no bear attacks to report–HA–anyway, it’s held up and works fine. I customized it a bit…I only wanted certain sounds–ones that seemed loud and could be heard in the woods. I cut off the buttons of those sounds that weren’t very useful and left the ones that I thought would work better (there’s one of a scream that is very effective). I wanted to be able to launch a sound without looking at the device and just by touch.

  3. 36Bladze

    Ice breaker or fun in meetings The sound machine is a fun toy at work, it brings laughs in team meetings and lighten tension in a rough situation

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