Dell Latitude D610 14.1-inch 1.73GHz Laptop

Dell Latitude D610 14.1-inch 1.73GHz Laptop

Dell Latitude D610 Laptop Wireless Computer (Refurbished) Pentium M 1.73MHz, 1GB RAM, 40GB HDD, DVD/CDRW, XP PRO, WIFI, 90 DAYS WARRANTY

Product Features

  • Intel Centrino Pentium M Processor
  • 1GB RAM; USB ports X 2, VGA slot x 1; No Media Card Slots; No SD Card Slots;
  • 40GB Hard Drive; 802.11b/g Wifi; Up to 1 Hour of Battery Life
  • Intel Integrated Graphics; 2 Stereo Speakers
  • Windows XP Pro, Windows Anti Virus; AC Adaptor and Dell Recovery CD Included;
  • A Grade Cosmetic: This item had been used in a corporate environment, and may have minor scratches. Pictures listed are not the actual product.
  • It is built tough and reliable to keep up with traveling professionals. Great for e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets and web browsing.
  • The Latitude D610 is designed for professionals who require quality, ease of use and long term value in a mainstream thin and light laptop.

3 thoughts on “Dell Latitude D610 14.1-inch 1.73GHz Laptop

  1. gate1701

    happy laptop I want others to know how happy I am with my new laptop. I needed to have wifi computer access for a trip I had to make. I decided a laptop would be the only way and purchased it from Amazon. I have purchased other items from them before and have always been pleased with my purchases. This item was sold through a company named Tampa Laptops in Tampa, Fla. The computer arrived in great condition, however when I shipped it to my travel location it was damaged during that shipment. I contacted Tampa Laptop and they repaired it within 2 days and shipped it back. Zack at Tampa Laptop was great. Due to their service and helpfulness, I would not only purchase from them again but strongly recommend them for any laptop purchase or service.

  2. CherieB

    Refurbished Dell Latitude Computer from This computer was a great buy for our family. We were specifically looking for a smaller computer that we could take on trips to download photos of our travels and transport photos from home to show family and friends. It also allows us to check our e-mails and Facebook on trips.

  3. M. LOONEY

    Dell Latitude 610-1.73 (refurbished) So far so good. I am very impressed with the performance and speed. I replaced an HP computer bought new 4 years ago, and believe me this is an upgrade from that. I did have to load anti virus, I prefer Trend Micro Internet Security. I use the computer for bill paying, e-mail, and my medical records. I plan on buying a extended service policy from Square Trade. You can’t go wrong buying from Tampa-Laptops.

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