LEGO Coast Guard Helicopter

LEGO Coast Guard Helicopter

Take flight in the Coast Guard Helicopter and search the sea for the stranded sailor! Find his broken down catamaran sailboat with a falling sail function before the great white shark does! Lower the diver down with the functioning winch and help the rescuer to lift the sailor out of the water with the life preserver. Spin the rotors to take off and return him to LEGO® City! Includes 4 minifigures with accessories: pilot, diver, rescuer and a sailor. 228 pcs. Ages 5 yrs. +.

Product Features

  • Includes a great white shark and 4 minifigures with accessories: pilot, diver, rescuer and a sailor
  • Features a working winch, wheels and spinning rotors; includes a catamaran sailboat with falling sail function
  • Lower the winch and rescue the sailor; spin the helicopter’s rotors
  • Measures over 3″ high, 11″ long, 12″ wide
  • Catamaran sailboat measures over 4″ high, 3″ long, 2″ wide

2 thoughts on “LEGO Coast Guard Helicopter

  1. MommaJ

    A little bit of fun for everyone! This is great for families since it has a couple of different builds in it. My 4year old put together the boat by herself, and my 7year old put the helicopter together with a little help from Dad. Very exciting for everyone to play with afterward, especially since it came with the shark and 4 mini figures. Plenty to go around.We love the spinning rotor blades, the kids take turns spinning them, one in the front with the other in the back and switch! The hoist actually operates, you pull out the cable(actually a string) and push a button to reel it back in. A word of caution with younger kids, make sure that you teach them to keep the string straight, so you don’t wind up with a big knot which could happen if it’s reeled in too fast with a lot of slack. I do see how if left to be played with alone by a younger child, it could tangle or be pulled out past the point of allowance. I would recommend supervision with anyone under 8 years of age, but it is very engaging for the entire family!

  2. Borisius

    Famous LEGO quality It is difficult to single out one LEGO set from the rest because the manufactured quality, effort, imagination and creativity are recognized in every single set, with no difference. In my opinion you cannot make a mistake, whichever you choose. I started bying LEGO sets long time ago and still, after all these years, I see that they preserved all the trademarks of their products and plus added some improvements over time. A job well done!

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