Carepeutic Kh249 Carepeutic Heart Rate Monitor Ring With Stopwatch, Clock, Calories, Pedometer, and Distance Display, White / Black

Carepeutic Kh249 Carepeutic Heart Rate Monitor Ring With Stopwatch, Clock, Calories, Pedometer, and Distance Display, White / Black

This carepeutic health love ring is not just a heart rate monitor, it has much more. it is the first and the only heart rate monitor with ring type design and six functions combined all in one: heart rate monitor, stopwatch, clock, calories, pedometer, and distance display. what is so special about this ring is that its ring is elastic and its size is suitable for any people. it has a built-in micro controller with infrared technology that can instantly provide you accurate heart rate monitoring, calories burned and distance when you are at work or exercise or even sleeping in bed. it is your implausible health mate for indoor or outdoor activities. care about your love ones? our carepeutic health love ring will bring both of you together forever. it is affordable, it also comes with belt clip holster (storage case) that has see-through magnifying glass window, another option to carry the ring with you wherever you go. powered by one cell button lithium battery (included).

Product Features

  • Does 6 functions – heart rate monitor , stopwatch, clock, calories, pedometer, and distance display
  • Ease of operation; simply press the button whenever you want to see your heart rate
  • Can be worn as a regular timepieces; option to turn on or off the clock function
  • Large LCD screen on a ring lets you see your data easily when you choose functions
  • Lightweight and elastic ring type design; one size fits most

3 thoughts on “Carepeutic Kh249 Carepeutic Heart Rate Monitor Ring With Stopwatch, Clock, Calories, Pedometer, and Distance Display, White / Black

  1. Beatriz A. Viera
    Beatriz A. Viera says:

    Tries to do too much Upon first glance, it seems like exactly what I needed: something that will tell me how many steps I take in a day, how many calories I burned throughout the day, and when I work out, give me an idea of what my heart rate is. It does do all of those things, but not at the same time.For example, I want to track how many calories I burn throughout the day walking around my office. But I can only do that if I activate the step mode function. That’s not a problem, but as soon as I sit down for about a minute, step mode turns off and it stops counting my steps (and therefore, calories). If I don’t notice, I’ll keep walking around and the steps will stop counting until I turn it back on. That’s very counterproductive to me, as I can’t spend all day at work making sure that my pedometer is on and turning it back on every time it turns off. That alone makes it not worth it to me and I think I will return it.Other than that, the device isn’t terrible. It does take my heart rate (and it seems accurate to me), it does count my steps if I’m moving constantly, it does mark the distance I walked. The clock function works well enough. I didn’t use the stopwatch function, as I didn’t need it, but I imagine it does its job as well. You can set the distance to miles or kilometers, and you can set the minimum amount of centimeters each step takes, which makes the step counting quite accurate, if you do it right. One con about the pedometer function is that if you’re wearing the ring and moving your hand around, it will count those movements as steps as well, unless you set the minimum step distance higher than the distance you move your hands. That’ll probably get tricky.It also fits my fingers well. I’m a size 7 ring finger (my other fingers probably vary between 5.5-9) and it fits all except my pinky.The package comes with instructions and if you sit down to read them for 5-10 minutes, it’s not that hard to use. Not necessarily intuitive, but not complicated either.All in all, if what you’re looking for is something to wear while you’re constantly moving, to measure calories burned during exercise, and distance walked, this is probably a good deal for you. If you prefer something to wear all day, it might not be as useful. I think I’ll be getting something along the lines of a Fitbit instead.

  2. Susan C. Parks
    Susan C. Parks says:

    Handy, dandy gadget! Worth the price. Easy to use, more information than I need but a simple, heart rate monitor that is pretty close to the more sophisticated systems. Easy, travels well…I LOVE it! Recommend if you need the data. Easy to walk and run with daily!!! Price decent, too. Wish I had discovered a year ago!

  3. D. J. D. "djdjd04"
    D. J. D. "djdjd04" says:

    Didn’t work for me I am a woman with a small hand. The rind didn’t fit any finger… Even my thumb! I can’t say if it would work or not, but it didn’t work for these tiny hands. I have to return it.

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