3 thoughts on “Sonic Boom SBA475ss Analog Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock

  1. talentetta

    Teenage Son can get himself up now! What was once a lost cause has now turned into self-discipline and little nagging from parents. This alarm clock uses a variety of methods that change until it is turned off. There are a variety of buzzer sounds, lights flash, and the ingenious mattress jiggler that all combine to get our son out of bed on his own most of the time. We still do a run-by to see if has ignored it, since we are so used to having to shake him to wake him. We have been pleasantly surprised to see such an improvement!! I think the other half of the equation is his desire to wake up, and we’re still working on that, but at least he hears and feels this one!!

  2. M. Wenger

    WAKE UP! If you’re a sound sleeper like me, this alarm is a must! The bed vibrator goes under your matress to shake things up a little. The combo of the flashing lights, bed vibrator, and alarm will be sure to get your butt out of bed in the morning. Plus, if you don’t like to have all three things going off at once, there’s a setting for vibrator only.

  3. Eleanor K. Hislop
    Eleanor K. Hislop says:

    Ellie’s observations I got this product because my husband is hard of hearing when he does not have his hearing aids in (at night). He sleeps upstairs and can not hear anything that goes on downstairs and sometimes needs to arise earlier than the rest of the house. A clock such as this was just the “cats meow”, because he can hear it with no problem. A great investment!

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